Bat Amulet
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This is a fanmade episode 2 of an fanmade Season 2.


Wendy:Hey Guys!What's up?

Dipper and Mabel:N...nothing!

And they run.

Wendy:What's wrong with them?

On Dipper and Mabel's room:

Mabel:What should we give her?

Dipper:Hmm...I don't know.What does she likes?

Mabel:You're the one that like her!You should know! are a girl.You could extract information from her easily than a boy would do.

Mabel:C'mon Dipper!Are you afraid to talk to her after Soos revealed to her that you like her?!And I'll prove it!I will extract information.


Dipper:W...Wendy wait!


Dipper:I am asking you a normal question...What do you like?

Wendy:(Uh...does he asks that cause he likes me?)Uh...I like amulets...being cool,and....bats.Why you ask? reason.I just wanted to know...

Back to their room:

Dipper:I got it!She like amulets,cool things and bats. do we combine thoose 3?

Dipper:Hm...a bat amulet?


Dipper:Good...we know what should we give her tomorow,for her birthday...but how do we get a bat amulet?


Dipper:I know!I remember seeing something in the book.

Dippper opens book at Bat Amulet.

Dipper:"A normal Amulet.The reason it is writen here it's cause it posses the power to light when it's dark".Hmm...this doesn't seems dangerous.Making light....that's absolutely safe.

Mabel:Ok..but still,how do we get it?

Dipper:There is a map....

They follow the map.

Dipper:And it makes us come McGucket's house??

Unkown voice from McGucket house:....Buy Gold!Bye!

Dipper and Mabel enters:

McGucket:Get out!I don't know anything!I am just a crazy man!Lipalaliparu!!!!

Dipper:Let's go Mabel...

Back at their house:

Mabel:How do we get that Amulet?

Someone knocks at the door: one is there.But there's a package...

Mabel:It's the bat amulet!!

Dipper:Strange...but anyway,we have the gift for Wendy's birthday.

Next day:

Wendy:Wazzup Everyon......

Everyone:Surprise!Happy Birthday Wendy!

Everyone gives her the gifts,and now it's Dipper and Mabel's turn:

Dipper:Here is a Bat Amulet,Wendy!

Wendy:( !!! )Take that away from me!!!

Dipper and Mabel:Huh?

Wendy:It will light me!!!!Take it away from me!!!!

Dipper takes it away and Wendy runs...


Dipper checks the book:

Dipper:I didn't read says:"A normal Amulet.The reason it is writen here it's cause it posses the power to light the soul,revealing true forms of monsters"Real form?

Mabel:Of monsters?

Dipper:Mabel...don't you think.....that Wendy....

Mabel:Wendy is....

Dipper and Mabel:A MONSTER???

After some minutes:

Dipper:I can't believe I fell in love with a monster...

Mabel:But what kind of monster?

Dipper:Let's see....she said she likes Bats...Bats are dark,bats are.....BATS ARE VAMPIRES!!!!!

Mabel:So Wendy is....

Dipper:A vampire...

Wendy appears:

Wendy:You're the only that knows...I must leave,as someone found it.It says on the Vampire Code,Rule Number 24:"If someone finds out the truth,the vampire must leave the place".


Wendy transforms into a bat and flies away.

Dipper:How we will explain this to Grunkle Stan?Like this:"Wendy is a vampire and she can't work at the Shack anymore"..this definetely not.No one would trust us...



  • The code at the end is "Qebob'p lkb axv tebk fq tfii pqxoq,xka qexq axv fp qlaxv",once decoded,it says ""There's one day when it will start,and that day is today"
  • "I am asking you a normal question...What do you like?" is a reference to Double Dipper,when Dipper said "I am asking you a normal question...what is your favourite food?"