Bill Cipher(GFC) is an older version of Bill from my fan series Gravity Falls Continued.He makes major appearances in many episodes..

Appearance Edit

Bill is now a darker shade of yellow.He has a neatly trimmed,black goatee beard with a few bits of dirt and dust in it.One of Bill's legs is a metal replacement,due to Dipper ripping it off in the series beggining.Also,his cane is snapped in half.

As of "Gideon's Fate",Bill's appearance changed again.Now his eye is bloodshot and his top eyelashes are not visible.His goatee is shaved off and his top hat is shredded.He wears a dark brown trench coat and his cane has a spear blade attached to it.In part 2,Bill only changes a little.Now,he has 3 black stripes on either side of his face,and his coat has a few holes in it.

Appears in Edit

1.Start of the future

3.Bill's got changes

4.Dipper's Dream

6.Black Arachnids

7.Bill's Past,part 1

8.Bill's Past,part 2

10.Yo Dawg!

11.Pacifica's Return

13.Mabel Gets a Llama

14.Brown Rain

17.Gideon's Fate,part 1

18.Gideon's Fate,part 2

19.Gideon's Fate part 3

21.Dipper Gets Owned

Season 2

1.Bill's Dreamscape

2.Gideon's Still Alive!!!

4.Mabel Has a Boyfriend

7.Gabrielle Comes To Town

8.Why Bill's Pesimistic

11.Gravity Johnson Becomes Mayor

33.Bill's Revenge

34.Grand Finale


1.Bill Orders a Pizza

2.Bill Has a Bath

3.Gideon Hugs Bill

14.Bill Destroys Gravity Falls(again)

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