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Billy Johnson
Background information
First seen
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Billy Willy Johnson
Other names
Personality Curious, optimistic, smart
Birthday August 3rd
Goal To have fun
Home Gravity Falls, Oregan
Relatives Mom, Dad, James (brother) Bill Cipher (possibly)
Pets Bessie the Cow
Allies Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines, Soos, Candy, Grenda, Wendy, Stan Pines, Bessie the Cow
Enemies Bill Cipher, Pacifica Northwest, Gideon Gleeful
Likes Solving mysteries, having fun, doing "guy stuff" with Soos and Dipper, riding with Bessie the Cow
Dislikes Cold pizza
Powers and abilities
Weapons Fish (for slapping)
Quote "To adventure, Bessie the cow!"

Bio Edit

Billy is a happy-go-lucky "weird" boy who was born in Gravity Falls. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, the brother of James Johnson, and it has been implied by Bill Cipher that he and Billy have some form of blood-relation to each other.

Relationships Edit

Dipper Pines Edit

Dipper and Billy met on the wrong foot after he started to annoy Dipper constantly. Later, when Billy saved Mabel from a hungry troll, they became friends, often doing "guy stuff" with Soos. Dipper is still annoyed by Billy and Mabel's antics, and occasionally he snaps at him, but they always reconcile in the end. Billy has compared Dipper to his brother James several times.

Mabel Pines Edit

Mabel has a obvious crush on Billy, but he is oblivious to this, to the point where he thinks Mabel saying "Your face is beautiful!" means she's referring to the Rock That Looks Like A Face. However, the two are still great friends, and constantly hang out together. Billy has even said that Mabel is the closest thing he's ever had to a sister.

Stan Pines Edit

Stan is annoyed by Billy's frequent visits and oddballs antics, and has once even temporarily banned him from the store. Nevertheless, Stan still has a soft side for Billy, and they occasionally bond over the same interests, such as old romantic movies.

Soos Edit

Soos and Billy have an extremely close friendship, constantly doing "guy stuff" together, along with Dipper. They refer to each other as "bros", and they have risked their lives to help each other several times.

Wendy Edit

Billy and Wendy don't often hang out, but they are still friends, and bond while going on adventures with Dipper and Mabel.

Bill Cipher Edit

Billy sees Bill Cipher as an enemy, while Bill sees him as a prop and a plaything. Bill Cipher seems to know a secret about Billy.

Gideon Gleeful Edit

Gideon sees Billy as a threat and constantly tries to destroy him no matter what the consequences, while Billy is confused by his motives because he is unaware of Mabel's feelings towards him.

Pacifica Northwest Edit

Pacifica insults Billy for the same reasons she insults Mabel. On occasion, Billy has stood up to her for both himself and Mabel.

James Edit

James has not been seen much, but they seem to have a good relationship as brothers.