• Concernedalien11780

    Hello, Gravity Falls Fanfiction Wiki, this is Concernedalien11780. I am a fan of many things and have thought of some small ideas for those things to write and publish on the Internet as fanfiction, but for me, my idea for a Gravity Falls fanfiction series is the most well-thought-out of all my fanfiction ideas, probably because Gravity Falls is one of those things that makes itself really fun to think about. I was originally going to write a blog post on the canon wiki introducing myself to the fandom on that wiki and talking about why I like the show, but I would want an entirely free day to do that because of how I have a lot to say about the show, specifically about my love-hate relationship with Alex Hirsch and Kirsten Schaal (not act…

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  • BrettThopmson

    My episodes

    December 20, 2014 by BrettThopmson

    Can I create my own department?

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  • DoodleFox

    Any Abandoned Pages?

    October 23, 2014 by DoodleFox

    Are there any abandoned pages I can own? Nothing will let me make a page, so I need to edit one, if that's OK.

    Also how do I advertise people to come here?

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  • DvayJonesRules


    September 6, 2014 by DvayJonesRules

    Hello Fallers,

    I have loved Gravity Falls since the 1st episode and have been hooked. I decided to see what this site is all about. I've seen some good character art and would like to see if anyone here would be willing to draw a certain picture in a Gravity Falls art style.


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  • Jisu Lee

    Try to guess what these secret messages mean. They may have completly random meanings. Daily Hints are avaible. They will either hint at the meanings, or how to solve the puzzle


    QWERTYUIOP would mean


    (the alphabet is arranged on the keyboard horezontally)

    The Hub Channel (My Little Ponie is on The Hub channel)

    Fire (Friendship)

    In the (Is)

    Magical hole! (Magic)

    I AM A _ _ _ _ _I_ (I AM A BRONIE)

    Key: IFL


    The cipher was made in WWII

    The machine(that made this cipher)'s name is another word for Mystery

    The message has somthing to do with Steve

    And time

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  • TimeSoul

    Site rules

    July 30, 2012 by TimeSoul

    Okay, so I am updating the rules, and you can find them on this page: Project:Rules.

    These rules are effective immediately.

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  • Mango Dolphin

    Hi everyone, as you know, I am Mango Dolphin, a normal Wikia patron. I also suck at creating pages on Wikia, so I decided to make the roleplay on a blog instead. I don't get this Wikia, so it is on the blog right now.

    It's a normal day, but then some gypsy shop opens up near the lake, just near the waterfall of the lake Gravity Falls. The residents that entered never seen the owners face, only her eyes, and legend tells she owns a dragon. When Dipper decides to find out this mystery during another fishing trip, will he succeed or will he be cursed with Mabel?(Of course, the Roleplayers will find this out)

    Canon Characters: They cannot know OC's, same with the OC rules. Must match their personality as much as you can. If you don't know an oun…

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