Charles Lancaster
Background information
First seen The Other Cult
Voice Roger Craig Smith
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Charles Hans Graves Lancaster
Other names Graveyard
Birthday His age is 16
Occupation Mystery Shack Supplier
Affiliations Mystery Shack
Goal To punch his dad in the face
Home Gravity Falls, Oregon

Westminster, London (Formerly)

Relatives Helmuth Lancaster (father)

Martin Lancaster (brother)

Unnamed mother

Pets Gompers
Allies All his workmates
Enemies His family


Likes Scary stuff

Old day weapons


Dislikes The fact that his family are part of a cult

Organs being spilled out (especially guts)

The dentist

His British voice being called thick

Powers and abilities
Quote "The Paranormal is rising. Watch out."
Charles Hans Graves Lancaster is a legendary mofo mc swagger

of the Mystery Shack, working as the person who supplies the Mystery Shack's merchandise in the gift shop. His family are all members of a cult who support the Brass Demon, which gave him all he knows about the paranormal. He doesn't want to become a member of his family's cult, since he doesn't want to be evil.

History Edit

Early life Edit

The only thing known about Charles's early life is that his family were a bunch of religious people who (according to Charles) were stuck to religion and never had time to do anything fun.

Charles and his family moved to Gravity Falls a year before he became a supplier. When his dad Helmuth met Vale Pepelo, the leader of a group of worshippers that support the Brass Demon, Helmut agreed.

Charles decided to do get a job. He sold tees to earn money, while his dad kept forcing him to work for the cult instead. Charles's entrepeneural skills were good, it wasn't until he met Grunkle Stan which got him a job as a supplier.

Season 3 Edit

Charles became a main character and his first appearence was on the third episode, The Other Cult where he is still supplying the merchandise for the gift store. He finds out that the Worshippers are trying to take over the Mystery Shack in order to take a scroll Dipper found about the Brass Demon. Helmuth, Charles's dad, is second in command, and seeing that Charles is being forced to become a member, Charles tries to retaliate; Eventually he gets rid of the cult with the help of everyone working in the Mystery Shack.

Personallity Edit

Charles is cocky and brash, but he has no flaw of scary stuff (unless people's organs come to mind) and he is a friendly guy.

Appearence Edit

He is a light-skinned man with blonde hair, a big nose, and wears a red hooded sweatshirt and a red beanie.

Trivia Edit

  • Charles gets angry if anyone makes fun of his voice.
  • Charles is very best friends with his fellow workers Samuel, Wendy, and Soos.
  • Charles is a student at Gravity Falls High School, as indicated by him inrolling, and he mentioned on Schwert des Ritters that he knows a lot about World War II.
  • Charles was inspired by a background character already seen in Gravity Falls, in fact, they are the same person. He was seen in 'Lefty' on a escalator in front of the titular character (or at this point, a paranormal) inside the Mall.