Appearance Edit

He looks like Dipper but his coloring is grayish tinted and has a floating bottom half.  He is also tranlucent, due to being a ghost. Part of his legs are missing, but this is partially due to his floating, wispy bottom half.

Personality Edit

Same as Dipper, but is slightly crankier due to dying before he was supposed to. He also understands the supernatural better because he is one of them.

Powers Edit

The basic ghost powers (going through walls, floating/flying, etc).  He also has powers such as becoming half alive, teleporting, and becoming solid.

Family Edit

Same as Dipper.

Trivia Edit

He is unable to leave Earth (due to dying before he was supposed to)

The cause of his death was being killed by Dark Bill.

He was only in 3 episodes before coming back to life.

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