Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 3 Episode 4

[It is 9:51 P.M and Mabel walks by the living room to see Stan watching "The Duchess Approves"]

Mabel:Ummmm why are you watching a chick flick Grunkle Stan.

[Stan changes the channel when he starts sweating]

Stan:Uhhhhhh it''s just a commercial.

Mabel:Yeah Yeah.[She punches Stan's left arm slowly]

Mabel:So any word of Lazy Susan she did call you earlier

Stan:Yep,in fact she invited me to Circle Park during tommorow's morning

Mabel:Can I come,i'll give you advice?

Stan:Fine But it's time to go to sleep go to bed lazy sack. [The Screen goes to Dipper's room as he falls asleep and then Mabel comes and goes to bed and falls asleep easily]

[Later in the Middle of the Night,a small creature can be seen under the bed]

Creature:Grrrrrrrrrr [Dipper wakes up to see there is a monster under the bed]

Dipper:Well aren't you the cutest [The Monster growls and grows to the height of the closet as it wildly scratches Dipper]

Dipper:Ahhhhhhhh [Dipper kicks the monster in the guts and runs to the sleeping beauty Mabel while the monster goes to normal form and disappears with brown gas appearing every where and flies off without Dipper noticing]

Dipper:Mabel !!!!! MABEL!!!!!!! [Mabel wakes up angry]

Mabel:What do you want Dipper it's the middle of the night go to sleep already and besides I was having a good dream

[The screen goes to Mabel's dream which is a Smile Dip Universe]Mabel:Ohhhhh Doggies you are both so cute.[The Dream ends]

Dipper:Mabel there is a large monster under my bed!!!!!

Mabel:Hahahahahahhaha I can't believe you think there's a monster under your bed gotta post this on my Facebook hahahahaha.[Mabel takes out her phone,signs in to Facebook and starts typing,"My brother thinks there is a monster under the bed LOLZ Totes Hilar!

Dipper:STOP typing!!!! It's true you wanna see I'll show you

[Dipper grabs Mabel by the hand and takes her to his bed when they both look under the bed and Mabel sees there is nothing there]

Dipper:What the.......But it was RIGHT THERE!!!!!

Mabel:It's just superstition go back to bed

[Mabel goes to her bed while Dipper starts mumbling to himself]

Dipper:Stupid Mabel i'll show her.[He looks under the bed and he falls asleep on the floor]

[The Next Morning]

Mabel:Dipper wake up! Dipper wake up!!!! [Dipper wakes up]

Dipper:Huh what

Mabel:We are going to Circle Park with Stan to visit Lazy Susan [Mabel grabs Dipper by the hand and she runs downstairs]

Mabel:C'Mon [Stan screams from downstairs]

Stan:Are you coming?

[They all get on the car and Stan crazily drives to Circle Park]

[Later,they arrive at the Park and they see Susan in a bench giving peanuts to the birds]

Susan:Hey silly couldn't wait to see you sit here with me [Stan sits down in the bench and Mabel sits next to Stan while Dipper goes to a tree]

Dipper:I'll prove to Mabel that there is a monster under my bed,and I'll get Grunkle Stan to call Uncle Phillip to kill it cause Stan had to take my phone away cause his broke. [Dipper kicks a rock]

[Later at Night]

Dipper:Ok so these mouse traps should be able to work.[Dipper finished putting the traps]

Mabel:Dipper are you really putting traps....I already told you there is no monster!

Dipper:Then,Why is there many creatures in the forest huh

Mabel:Well they can't get in the house Dipper!!! Just go to sleep already

Dipper:We'll see who right tommorow!

[Later at Night the Creature can be seen appearing from brown gas]

Creature:Grrrrr [Jumps Dipper]

Creature:RAHHHHH [Dipper is in agony]

Dipper:OWWWWWWWW [Mabel wakes up]

Mabel:What are you- [She sees the Creature scratching Dipper She gasps]

Mabel:OH my gosh....DIPPER was right and I wasn't!!!!!! I was always right about every-[Dipper interrupts]

Dipper:A little help PLEASE!!!!! [The Creature bites him]

Dipper:OUCH WHY YOU LITTLE-OUCH.[Mabel kicks the Creature and Stan screams from his room]



[The Monster climbs up the wall;took a bite from Dipper's socks;and gets in the closet and leaves purple slime on the wooden floor]

Creature in the Closet - Gravity Falls

Creature in the Closet - Gravity Falls

Dipper trying to lure the Creature out of the Closet

[Dipper gets his camera and starts recording]

[After like 2 hours,Dipper tries luring the creature out with chips but Mabel ate them]

[And another hour later,Dipper decides to open the door once and for all and Mabel says it's a possum and she bets 5 bucks and then Dipper opens the door and the creature comes out]



Mabel:Dipper i'm sorry I ignored you!!!!

Dipper:IT-It-IT's okay!!!!!! [Then,Stan comes and the Monster disappears and brown gas is seen]

Stan:Why are you guys still awake it's 6:23 got to SLEEP Susan told me we were going back to the Circle Park

Dipper and Mabel:Ok Grunkle Stan.[Stan leaves and slams the door,The twins start whispering]

Dipper:Mabel,How are we gonna get rid of that thing it should be back soon

Mabel:UHHH UMMMM..............Oh you can see it in the book

Dipper:You're right.[Takes out the 3 Book]Here it is.......Ummm.....The Watching Wizard OF Gravity-[Mabel interrupted him]

Mabel:What does a wizard have to do with the brown monster thing

Dipper:The Page says The Monster was created by the wizard to....well the rest of the page is ripped

Mabel:Does the Monster have a weakness

Dipper:Yep,Sunlight.Wait that's why it always disappears

Mabel:How are we gonna get rid of it sunlight?

Dipper:Yep we have to wait for tommorow

Mabel:Yeah but it also disappeared when Stan came so we just have to convince Grunkle Stan.

[Then,Both of them went to sleep while the Creature was seen in the forest going to a little hut which could be the Wizard's Hut]

[In 12:00 Mabel wakes up Dipper]

Mabel:Were going to Circle Park again,and we can convince Stan about the creature

Dipper:OK then lets go!!!!!

[They go to the car and Stan drives to the Park].

Mabel:Grunkle Stan and Susan..Sitting on a tree...K-I-S-S-I-N-G HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Stan:Stop it Mabel

Mabel:Okay.[Looks at Dipper]Hey Dipper what's surprising is that the whole Andrea break-up isn't affecting you

Dipper:WEll yeah,and I didn't know who to choose.....Andrea or Wendy....And after the week Andrea broke up with me,I am now free to date Wendy since Robbie is a zombie and she broke up with him

Stan:Ummmmm,That kid is a zombie


Stan:Pfffft,Yeah right you are just JEALOUS HAHAHAHHAHA.[Both Stan and Mabel laugh]

Dipper:GRRRRR I'm not jealous

[They Later Arrive at Circle Park and they see Lazy Susan]

Stan:There's my little ray of sunshine what have you been doing?

Susan:Oh nothing just feeding Mr.Cat Face and all that.[Dipper and Mabel go to a nearby tree]

Dipper:So any plans?

Mabel:Not anything I am aware about

Dipper:Let's just tell Grunkle Stan

[They go to Stan]

Dipper:Stan,we have to talk

Mabel:Yeah there is a monster under Dipper's bed.

[There is a sudden silence and then Stan and Susan start laughing]


Stan:It's just your imagination

Dipper:I KNOW I Sound like a kid but it's true!!!!!

Dipper:Just wait til' night and Mabel and I will show you!

Dipper:We need your help anyways

Stan:Fine 5 bucks it's fake and if I lose i'll give you 5 bucks

Dipper:Ok then BTW Don't mean to bother you and Lazy Susan

[Dipper and Mabel leave]

Mabel:I hate how now one believes kids we are 13 years-old!

Mabel:Well.....Looks like we are gonna have to improvise

[Takes out Hammer]

Dipper:Ummmmm no!

Mabel:Ughhhhh fine

[Throws hammer away and a cat noise is heard]

[5 Hours Later at the Shack]

Dipper:Well,Mabel you wanna help me with mouse traps to kill the monster?


Stan:What you kids up to?

ch gonna prove to you there is a creature under my bed! Right Mabel?


Stan:HAHAHAHAHA It's just superstition

Dipper:No it is not! It's Real

Mabel:As a matter of fact we are gonna look for it in the forest

Dipper:WE are?


[Punches Dipper]


Stan:Pfffft Yeah right you're just gonna be upstairs thinking how to get out of the 5 dollar bet

[The twins leave on the Mystery Cart and look around the forest and they notice sundown]

Dipper:Well,We can't find it and plus the moon is coming up

Mabel:Remember Dippingsauce,the creature's creator is a wizard that lives in the forest so we can find the wizard and the creature

Dipper:You know Mabel,you have been very helpful and smart ever since you found out about the creature under my bed....i'm proud of you.[They hug]

Mabel:Well,ever since I wasn't right about EVERYTHING in the world,I decided to be silly and serious at the same time

Dipper:We can do this.[They run off into the deeper side of the woods]

[Later they see a little hut]

Mabel:Do you think it's the Wizard's Lair?

Dipper:I think,no creature in Gravity Falls lives in a hut

[They go inside and see a bunch of oddities and wands and then they see a room and they start whispering]

Mabel:Is this the Wizard's room?

Dipper:I'm pretty sure it is

[They go inside and see the creature that was under Dipper's bed]

Dipper:There's the monster!

[The Creature grows 3x as bigger as he was when he was the size of the closet.]


[The Monster grows 25x bigger and destroys the hut]

Mabel:We have to leave!!!!!

[Dipper gets on the Mystery Cart and turns it on]

Dipper:Get on!!!!!

[Mabel sits in the seat and they drive off]

[After a long chase,the Cart hits a tree]

Mabel:How are we gonna get rid of that huge freaking thing!!!!!!

Dipper:I Don't Know !!!!!

[Then the Creature walks closer to the twins]

Mabel:Wait I got it Dippy!!!!

[Gets Dipper's Flashlight]

Dipper:What are you-

Dipper:Oh I see,your gonna melt it great thinking Mabel

[Mabel turns it on and points it at the creature and it melts]


Dipper:Looks like we destroyed it to pieces

Mabel:Yep let's go

[They leave]

Later at the Shack

Dipper:Hey Grunkle Stan

Stan:Forget about something

Dipper:No ohhhhh ummmm gotta go

[He runs but Stan grabs him]

Stan:No I won fair and square you owe me 5 bucks there is no monster I checked under the bed

Dipper:Fine [Hands Stan 5 bucks]

Stan:HAHAHAHAHA ok lets watch Duck-Tective

[They go to the living room]

[Meanwhile,at the destroyed Wizard's Hut]

Wizard:Huh what the.....WHO DESTROYED MY HUT!!!!!!!!!

Wizard:Wait,it was Zedgar The Creature(The monster that was under Dipper's bed)

Wizard:Well it looks like I am gonna have to get rid of the Pines family myself

[Takes out the ripped sheet of paper that was in Dipper's 3 Book's Wizard Page and takes out the 1 Book]



Extra Notes

The Episode is a parody of Dan vs Monster Under The Bed

This Episode reveals that the Wizard has the 1 Book so 3 out of 4 Books have owners.The Wizard has 1.Gideon has 2,and Dipper has 3.The 4th is yet to be revealed.

The Secret End Credits Code is GSV HVXIVG 3 VOVNVMGZO KLDVIH FMOVZHSVW.Once decoded it reads...... The Secret 3 Elemental Powers Unleashed.Here's a clue.Mr. Pyramid has 3 sides.