Douglas Georges and Oden Wilfrey are a duo of members of the Gravity Falls undergroung mafia, sent out to kidnap Mabel in the episode, Dipper Underground.


Doug came from Las Vegas, a block away grom a slot machine building called Millionaire's Paradise. When he was 15 he was chased out of Nevada by not living up to his debt to the place. Then, he met up with a mysterious conman, Oden, and they scammed the states. Then, when they scammed the don of the Gravity Falls Mafia, they had to work off their pay.

When they had to kidnap Mabel for her debt, the got into a firefight with another mob wanting her for the same reason. After Oden was downed, Mabel and Doug escaped into Soos' truck, only for Stan to be there and fistfight Doug. After a drawn out fight, Doug fell of a dam, kudos to Stan's fist. He somehow survived, and pledged revenge against Stan in the episode Stan's Back. However, after he kidnapped Stan and Dipper, Wendy, and Sherriff Blubs caught him, the don of the mafiabwas unhappy with Doug's failed kidnapping, and in a huge firefight, Blubs was seemingky gunned down (although he did survive later) alongside Doug (who didn't).