Gravity Falls Fan Season 2 (MasterCharmander13) series
S1e20 portal open
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Stan:Finally.We have them all!

In Dipper and Mable's room:Edit


Dipper:Stop what?

Mable:Making noises.I am trying to sleep.

Dipper:Um...Mable...I didn't made any noises.

The Sound is being heard again:Edit

Dipper:What is that?

On the hall:Edit

Mable:Where did it came from?Waddles,do you have any ideas?

The Sound is being heard again.Waddles gets scared and runs back in the room:Edit


Dipper:Look Mable!There's a door behind the vending machine.

Mable:That's where the sound comes from.

Dipper:*picks up a lantern*Let's go!

In the secret-hall:Edit

Dipper:This has screens...whoever is here,they're spying on Gravity Falls.

Mable:Why is this in the Mystery Shack?

Dipper:A lever....where should we go?Underground 2 or 3?

Mable:Sorry,what did you said?*accidentaly presses a button,and the lever starts going down*

In the portal room:Edit

Stan's hears a sound,so he stops the portal,and goes to check:Edit


Dipper and Mable:GRUNKLE STAN!?!?

Dipper:My book!

Dipper runs to take his book:Edit

Dipper:Gideon's Book?

Mable:There's one more....

Dipper and Mable:JOURNAL NUMBER 1?!!?!?

Dipper:Grunkle Stan,what is going on?Why are you here?What is this place,and how do you have all the books?

Stan:It's...Ok.Stay down.It will be a lot to explain.

Dipper:Say everything,Grunkle Stan!

Stan:Thoose books were written by an amazing man,who lived in Gravity Falls,but died in the middle of writing book 3.

Dipper:So that's why it has many blank pages.He died and couldn't write anything on them.

Stan:He had super-natural knowledges about this town.He wrote a part of a map in every journal.This map,would be leading to Antartica.In the center of the map,it's was a upside-down triangle.The portal behind us.

Mable:But why did you opened it?

Stan:...It's something related to my past.Something bad.I prefer not to talk about that.The point is...everyone from this town has a secret.

Dipper:I noticed.Everyone is acting very weird.

Stan:Come on kids.*opens the portal again*

Mable:What is behind it?

A man resembling Stan comes out of it.Edit

Dipper:What?Who's he?

Stanley:Stanford?You did it?

Stan:Kids...he's my twin brother.

Dipper and Mable:WHAT??!?!?!?!!!


Dipper:You were stuck in portal?By who?Why?What;s behind the portal?

Stan:He shouldn't be here so..

Stanley:My presence here must be kept secret from the town.I shouldn't be here.

Mable:Got it Grunkle Stan 2.

Stanley:My name is Stanley

Stan:Kids,can you go back to sleep now?We will talk on more tomorow.

Dipper:Alright....*takes Book 3*

Dipper and Mable leaves:Edit

Stan:HE was here.

Stanley:HE CAME?

Stan:Some days ago.Before Gideon came to take the shack.


Stan:But we got it back.

Stanley:Don't you uderstand?This is gonna be destructive!

Stan:Gideon is in prison!

Stanley:Oh no.

Stan:What is it?

Stanley:Vampire!He's in the prison too!We cannot let thoose two meet.

On the TV Room:Edit

Stan:Why aren't you two sleeping?

Dipper:Too many secrets this night.We can';t sleep.

Stanley:What are you watching?

Mable:It seems that Gideon has some kind of Prison-Show.

Dipper:Blargh!Look at that guy's eyes,the one near Gideon.!He doesn't has thoose.....

Stanley and Stan:*whispers to each other*VAMPIRE!!!

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