Wunky and the gang are in Gravity Falls and teams up with Dipper Mable Wendy Robbie and Waddles to defeat Bill Ciper and save the world and catch some fak ghouls and ghosts and monsters goblins and zombies and vampiers Sao they can stop weirdmareddon and save the world and graviy falls (The episode begins with dipper nerating)

Dipper:Hi I'm dipper pines and this is my sister mable my love wendy corduroy my friend robbie Valentino my sisters pig waddles we are hedad back to gravity falls after wendy and robbie met our parents.

Mable:Did you guys like meeting our parents?

Wendy:Sure did mable.

Robbie:I'm ganna throw this pig on the side of the road!

Mable:(has her grappling hook)What was that Robbie?

Robbie:Nothing kid.

Wendy:(pulls up something on her phone) Hey check this out. Teen sluths bust bog monster.

Robbie:Oh yeah Funky Wunky and the Groovy Gang.

Dipper:Or Wunky-Woo and the Groovy Gang.

(Mabel sees the groovy machine)