Gideon Charles Gleeful was going to get rid of the Pines family somehow. He was flipping through 2 in his room, while in a shouting kind of mood. "I NEED TO GET RID OF THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Gideon. Then, he saw the page of miracles. A page telling of five gems scattered all over Gravity Falls, that open a portal to a legendary land, that leads you to a golden statue, that will grant you one single wish.

"This is perfect...MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Gideon! Time to take your Pepto Bismol! You know how you get when you eat too much grilled cheese!"shouted Bud Gleeful, Gideon's father.

"I WILL NOT SUCCUMB TO YOUR AILMENT PRODUCTS!"Then, his stomach growled."Uh...I'm coming father."

Anyway, back at the Mystery Shack, Dipper, Mabel, Wendy and Soos were trying to detect a big lumpy rock. It was blue and damp.

"Dudes, I bet its like a nymph swamp rock." said them loveable, "i'll believe anything if you have a witness or proof" Soos.

"I think it's a diamond that Old Man McGuckett tried to eat!"said the mellow, "Dipper, have a crush on me? Pshaa" Wendy.

"I think it's a rock!" said the adorable, "YAAAAY GRASS!" Mabel.

"I's a rock.............that was deformed by the tectonic plates................and pooped on by a....sparrow!"said the smart, "is that a monkey or Bigfoot?" Dipper.

to be continued