Grand Finale is the final episode of the second season of Gravity Falls Continued, as well as being the final episode of the series.

Synopsis Edit

Bill starts spreading havoc throughout Gravity Falls.It's up to Dipper, Mabel and Kim to stop him, even if it means risking their lives.

Episode Script Edit

Camera pans into the living room, where Dipper and Mabel are sitting watching the news

Newsteller:Breaking News!According to scientific study, 35% of our destroyed town has just been attacked by a floating, yellow pyramid...thing.

Dipper:Ah, crap.It's Bill again

Dipper flicks through Journal 3 to scrypt note number 64.

Dipper:Yup.It's freaking Bill.

A giant explosion can be heard outside the Mystery Shack

Dipper:Okay.I'm startin' to think that summoning Bill might have been the worst idea I've ever had.Says a guy who has always had bad ideas.

Dipper and Mabel walk out into the area surrounding the Mystery Shack, where they find Bill.

Bill:Heya, weirdos.Want some deer teeth before I destroy absolutely everything?

Dipper:What the heck are you doing, Bill?

Bill:Can't ya see.I'm plotting to friggin destroy the entire world!

Bill grabs the heroes and teleports to Kim's house.

(The episode is split into two parts.Part One, the episode script that you can see here, was aired on 29th October 2016 on VlogSpot.Part Two is still in development and will be aired on 23rd November 2016 on VlogSpot.)

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