Gravity Falls: Grunkle's Secret The Movie is a all-star movie of Gravity Falls.


Gideon has been Discovering the secret of Stan Pines and publicate it, Dipper and Mabel tried to found it with help from Soos and Wendy Corduroy, However Gideon work with the Gnome,Blendin Blanden and other to attacking Mystery Shack and using Stan's Technology. Grunkle Stan also must protected his Secret


The first part of the film is called Beginning and focuses on the end scene of The Rise of Gideon part 2 when Grunkle Stan bring the book to the secret room.

Gideon in the Jail escaped by his Magic and creating his own Skin to outwit the guards, he was free and came to Mystery Shack using magic into ordinary tourists,then he bought a soda and accidentally opens a secret door behind the machine and found The Biggest Secret of Mystery Shack that he was looking for long time.

While Mabel and Dipper playing the Golf (like in Carpet Diem) with Score (Mabel)10-8(Dipper), Mabel Very happy because she won and Dipper searching the Book,he did not find in the cupboard where the book typically placed,Mabel told him that the book was actually in the hands off Grunkle Stan,Dipper going down to meet Grunkle Stan and found him at the Kitchen eating.

Gideon Stealth out and not be seen by Dipper and Stan, Stan Mock said that he was still reading the book and Dipper go away to the shop and meet Soos and Wendy, they talking about their their Paranatural experience, Soos telling about the Postman who looks like a werewolf (from Tourist Traped) and Wendy telling about the Ghost in abandoned convenience Store that rumored to be Haunted (from The Inconveniencing).

Still Continues