This is a roleplay me, Jisu has started. I have few rules for my RPs.


  1. You may not use Mary Sue/Marty Stu charactors.
  2. You may only use your OCs.
  3. You may not say stuff like "Suddenly a wild Aoshima appered. Use Triple Rainbow dance!"(Don't change the story randomley)
  4. Everyone shares canon charactors
  5. Stay in format
  6. Don't edit the other roleplayers posts! It's unfair when you do it your way and they will be UNHAPPY! Only edit when there are grammar mistakes.
  7. Jisu Lee says feel free to add in more and fair rules if you'd like!

PS: You can join in without asking. Just say that you decided to RP with us at the comments, just so everyone knows.


Wendy invited everyone to a camping trip by a hot spring in the woods. But, when night falls, they start noticing weird things......

Dipper:Wendy, the tempeture of the springs here is AMAZING! It's not as warm as the manitar springs though.

Wendy:It's perfect for all ages!

Steve:Never been to one of these before. So.... cozy.


Lee:How did you find this place?

Wendy:I may or may not break the law and hike off trails.

Dipper: I like this!

(Small screech)

Dipper:What was that?

Wendy:It's probably nothing. Just relax!

(after awhile, a large flying creature breifly flew across the sky)