S1e2 gobblewonker chasing

The real Gobblewonker chasing a Shark with The Pizza Shirt Guy seeing and Leaves

Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 1 Episode 6

The Pizza Shirt Guy Ron is fishing with his friend Mike when they see a Shark they get Freaked out and The Shark is about to eat them but the Real Gobblewonker Kills The Shark and ron along with mike escape.That's when the opening theme starts.After the song,Dipper and mabel are brushing their teeth when Stan decides to take the Twins,Soos and Wendy to the new restaurant called Phillip's Pizzeria where Stan found coupons on the floor.They get in the car and Stan remebers that his nephew Phil is the owner of the Pizzeria and tells them.When they arrive,They order when they greet Phil and order 8 slices of Pizza.They see Ron freaked out eating pizza and Ron knows that Dipper is a Mystery Solver since Headhunters so he tells him there is a Swamp Monster in Lake Gravity Falls.He remembers about the Gobblewonker Being a person and the new Photo Contest that was held that day.Dipper,Mabel and Soos go to Lake Gravity Falls with Ron,but tells Stan he's leaving and Stan Dropps off Wendy at her home.Dipper is reavealed to have a New Camera and the gang get on the S.S Cool Dude and try to find the Monster but can't find it.They try going to Scuttlebutt Island and they later arrive. Ron and Soos make friends with each other.After 5 minutes they see a Figure and it's reavealed to be Phil fighting the Gobblewonker The gang are amazed and wonder who's working the Cashier.Dipper is the only one going to the fight arena with Phil and Gobblewonker.Dipper takes a picture,then the Gobblewonker tries smashing him but Phil shoots a bow from his arrow and the Gobbie gets hurt and faints.The gang get tlo the boat and escape since Phil's boat got destroyed.then,Gobbie wakes up and chases them.After,a long chasing Phil gets his blaster ray and shoots gobbie.The Monster then Faints(Maybe dead).The Gang arivve at the Electronics Store where the Contest for Monster Photos were held The Gang receive 450 dollars and go back Home.Here's what they do with the Money they give Stan 400 Dollars and Dipper and Mabel get 25 Each and they all go to sleep,when Stan cheapingly steals Dipper and Mabel's Money and goes to his Vending Machine Hideout.