J.D. Valentino Edit

J.D.Valentino is an dectective who is trying to find out gravity falls.

J.D. Valentino
Background information
First seen
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name J.D. Jacob Valentino
Other names
Personality Smart, mysterious, hopeful.
Appearance Blue eyes, black hair, usually wears a gray jacket, pale white skin.
Birthday Same day as dipper and Mabel
Occupation Detective, wanderer
Affiliations The pines family, bill cypher
Goal None!
Home Valentino mantion
Relatives Robbie Valentino, Valentino family.
Pets Unknown,
Allies Dipper,Mabel,
Enemies His family, almost everyone in Gravity falls
Likes Unkown
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities Being mysterious, maybe part dragon.
Weapons Who knows?
Fate Mabel's future boyfriend, as seen in my fanfic timetables
Quote Trolololololol

Description: J.D. Has black hair and striking blue eyes. Unbeknownst to dipper,mabel and everybody else, he has a bill cypher tattoo on his back. Usually he wears a grayish hoodie and his glasses. Also his amulet can make him shapeshft into anything