Jackson (Fan-Made Character)is a 12 year old Resident in Gravity Falls.

Season 1 Information

He is in love With Mabel Pines and even lives close to her.He has been in Gravity Falls for 2 years and when he was 11 he found out the mysterous secrets of Gravity Falls.He is also Dipper's friend since 2 Heads are Better Than One(Fan-Made Episode).he goes out with Mabel in The Search and Destroy.

Season 2 Information

After almost 2 months of dating Mabel his Father gets new job and the Thompsons have to move.That is when Jackson tells Mabel by note that he is moving somewhere.He doesn't appear til' the second to last episode in Season 3

Season 3 Information

In the end of this season he comes to visit Mabel once last time and helps Mabel in the Final Fight