Konnie Brown is the main protagonist of I Just Visited Gravity Falls!

Konnie Brown
Background information
First seen
Voice Khanya Brown
Inspiration A real-life Gravity Falls fan
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Khanya "Konnie" Bessie Brown
Other names
Personality Nice, Sassy, a little bit Ghetto, and magical
Appearance Dark skin, puffy dark brown hair,
Birthday May 24
Goal To upgrade her amulet
Home DeSoto Texas

Gravity Falls, Oregon (For the whole summer)

Relatives Unknown Mom (Mrs.Brown)

Unknown Dad (Mr.Brown)

Lulu (Big Sister)

Big Brother

Little Brother

Allies Dipper (Boyfriend in season 2)




Enemies Pacifica



Likes Anime



Dislikes People that think her style is too much.
Powers and abilities Magic from her amulet
Weapons Her amulet, Shield (Shown in Season 1, Episode 9),Sword (Shown in Episode 2, Episode 11)
Quote "I'm secretly a pretend unicorn"

About Edit

Khanya "Konnie" Brown is the main character of I Just Visited Gravity Falls! Konnie took a summer vacation to Gravity Falls so she can be manager of The Mystery Shack. While walking in the woods, Konnie finds journal #4 and a magical amulet called the Potentiam Magicam. She likes to design t-shirts. She gets different color t-shirts and put different designs on it. Konnie is also a anime fan. In "Konnie Arrives", she sings in japanese as a weakness to a big wave of zombies. She gets the song from one of her favorite animes.

Appearance Edit

Konnie wears a t-shirt with short shorts(she wears different shirts and shoes in every episode.) She has a dark brown afro and sometimes put it in a ponytail.

Season 2Edit

In most episodes, she wears a ponytail and her shorts are longer.

Konnie in Season 2

S2 Konnie

Konnie in Season 3

Season 3Edit

Konnie's hair is longer with purple highlights. She sometimes wear short dresses and purple rimmed nerd glasses.


Dipper PinesEdit

Konnie and Dipper are best friends. But,Dipper has a huge crush on her, but he doesn't want to tell her. But in season 2, they are boyfriend and girlfriend

Mabel PinesEdit

Konnie and Mabel are the bestest friends ever to live. They're both into sparkly thing and both called "silly" from Pacifica.

Rayley AndersonEdit

Rayley and Konnie are best friends, too. They are both fans on anime.

Daniel SephanEdit

Daniel and Konnie are best friends, also. They are very comedic together.

Pacifica NorthwestEdit

Konnie and Pacifica are moral enemies. They have always been enemies since Episode 3.Pacifica thinks that Konnie is an over-reactive fangirl.

Allison LewardEdit

Allison and Konnie are enemies. They have always been enemies since Episode 3.

Trivia Edit

  • Konnie can speak Japanese (When she is scared or mad, she swears in Japanese,)
  • She is based off a real Gravity Falls fan
  • Back at Texas, people had called her, clumsy, silly, and childish, which shows her personality.
  • Like other female Gravity Falls characters, they have at least 2 or 3 eyelashes. But, Konnie has 4 eyelashes
  • Even though Konnie is younger than Mabel and Dipper, she is two millimeters taller than them.