Will Martes
Background information
First seen
Inspiration Nobody at all.
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Will Roliand Martes
Other names Gravity Falls Security Guard
Personality Cocky, witty, serious
Appearance Will has spruce brown hair, a red jacket with a navy top underneath, jeans and red sneakers, thin and young (Being a teen), and wears blue round glasses covering his eyes fully.
Birthday 13 June (He's 15 now)
Occupation Gravity Falls Security Guard
Affiliations Good Guys
Goal To be a policeman!
Home Portland, Oregon.
Relatives Coverton Martes (father, deceased)

Paige Martes (mother, deceased) Ralph Martes (elder brother, hanged)

Allies Vinnie

Samuel Soos

Enemies Wall

Mole Bill Cypher

Likes His job, doing adventures, hanging out with his bros.
Dislikes His eyes being spray painted, being hated as a teenager by Grunkle Stan like usual.
Powers and abilities
Weapons He has a kukri hidden in his jacket.
Fate He finds the Cross of The Falls, another artefact linked to the 3 Journals.
Quote "Law and order in Gravity Falls...and pancakes."
Will is the security guard of Gravity Falls who made his debut in The Contract Killer.

Backstory Edit

Will's parents were police officers, which inspired him to be a policeman when growing up. Sadly, a prisoner who held a personal grudge against his familly killed them both with a gun. Will's older brother Ralph looked after him ever since.

Ralph taught Will about being a security guard every day under his care. When Will was turning 13 Ralph gave Will a kukri for his birthday. Will kept it with him as a weapon.

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Personality Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Will was originally going to be called Lee, but since there was an already existing character in the series, it was changed quickly to Will to make it original.