Season 1Edit

  1. First Day of Gravity Falls - Sammi, Kathryn and Virginia go to Gravity Falls for the first time.
  2. Iridessa the Evil Witch - Sammi meets Iridessa, who is a witch. Dipper and Mabel may crack the case for resurrecting Iridessa, who has been dead for 150 years after hanging.
  3. The Amulet Adventure - The kids find an amulet, which emits strange powers and whispering sounds.
  4. Hypnotized Again - Iridessa tricks Kathryn into hypnotizing innocent people just to make them either obey to their "mistress" or call on the people who wants to be their own slave.
  5. White Manor - Virginia and Kathryn go inside a haunted mansion which is haunted by a ghost of a woman who died from falling off a well. She's only dead but you know, Sammi was too scared to know. Kathryn can't see ghosts but can she face her own fear?
  6. Night of the Vampire - Virginia and Kathryn fight off the vampires.
  7. Last of the Lake Monster - Sammi discovers a lake monster.
  8. Howling Night - Dipper, Mabel, Sammi, Kathryn, and Virginia find a mysterious howling noise at night.

Season 2Edit