dL'il Gideon created a new amulet decorated with Card-Jitsu element labels for Dipper, as a gift for him to fight Herbert as he is coming his way. Meanwhile, Waddles tries to stop Herbert P. Bear from mining a whole supply of diamonds in Gravity Falls.

Synopsis Edit

It is 4:00. L'il Gideon has finished making his amulet while Dipper Pines is trying to detect bombs in a building which were planted by an evil company. He succeeds, then he is sent on a mission to fight Herbert with Waddles, Mabel Pines' pet pig, who teamed up with Dipper to terminate Herbert P. Bear, major villain of Club Penguin's plan to mine a whole supply of diamonds with a drill. He is then armed with the amulet Gideon made, and the mission starts.

At 7:00, Mabel finds out that Dipper is missing. Dipper has 2 spy phones-1 for him, and 1 for Mabel. Mabel picked up the spy phone Dipper left, and it said that he was going to stop Herbert from his mining plan. Dipper is approaching his destination, leading the way for Waddles zooming fast in mid air, surrounded by a greenish blue aura. He lands in front of the building, his new hideout. He tries to stop him, but he is trapped in a cage. Herbert explains his scheme, then he shows him his drill, whereas Dipper gasped in horror, letting him feel like he has to escape. But, time has struck. The drill has started. He has now escaped and ready for action. He builds a wall made of unbreakable material. He hits it, extending the wall into a rectangular space fully occupied. Herbert gets angry, then he flies back home.

On the way, he sees Phineas and Ferb farming seaweed for Kick's Sushi Saturday. So Dipper flies past them. He gets back to the Mystery Shack, and tells Mabel his story. They go solving mysteries together and come back just in time for Kick's Sushi Saturday. He also showed Phineas, Ferb, Dipper, and Mabel how to eat sushi the right way.

How to eat sushi Edit

  1. This is for eating nigiri-zushi.
  2. Pour a very small amount of soy sauce on your little saucer.
  3. Pick up the sushi with your middle and index fingers and thumb. Get a piece of ginger and then spread wasabi on the fish side.
  4. Turn the sushi upside down, and then dip the fish side into water, tip first until it is noticeably heavier.
  5. Incline your head to 45 degrees, and eat in one go.

Trivia Edit

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