Martin Pines
Martin Pines
Background information
First seen Cousin Martin
Voice Yuri Lowenthal
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Martin Charles Pines
Other names
Personality Happy,outgoing,optimist
Appearance brown hair , green shirt ,blue trim , brown shorts , black shoes
Birthday August 14 ,1999 (age 12)
Occupation Student (on vacation)
Home Mystery Shack
Relatives Dipper (cousin)

Mabel (cousin) Stan (grandfather) Mr and Mrs Pines (aunt/ uncle)

Allies Wendy


Likes videogames
Dislikes bored
Powers and abilities
Quote pow wow
Martin Pines is cousin of Dipper and Mabel and grandson of Stan he make apparition in Cousin Martin in Season 3


Martin Pines (born on August 14 ,1999) in one day of summer He is the cousin of Dipper and Mabel . is grandson of Stan . Martin now lives with your cousins and your grunkle Stan in the vacation


  • He is new protagonist in Season 3
  • your birthday in August 14
  • He is cousin of Dipper and Mabel with same age
  • your age is 12 same of your cousins
  • your favorite food is tacos
  • He loves golf ,he played from 9 years
  • your favorite color is blue ,green and yellow
  • it has the same height as one of its cousins
  • his hair is brown like the cousins
  • sometimes your Uncle Grandfather Stan, asks him to work
  • He loves videogames


Martin wears brown hair , green shirt with blue trim ,brown shorts ,black shoes

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