Background information
First seen
Voice Micheal Turner (USA), Bob Jennings (BIS), Robbie Avery (UAN)
Inspiration Voice Acter Micheal Turner
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Micheal Robert Turner
Other names
Birthday 13 (born 1999) 
Occupation Student
Affiliations Mystery Shack
Goal To stay at Gravity Falls until graduating college.
Home Currently living in 903 Southwest Avenue, Gravity Falls, Oregon
Resides in Tacoma Washington</br>
Relatives Uncle Dave (uncle), Unknown
Pets Unknown
Allies Dipper, Wendy Corduroy (NLG), Mabel
Enemies Gnomes, Gremloblin, Joel, Pacifica Northwest (current), Miguel Davidson (former)
Likes Rock Music, Mystery Shack
Powers and abilities
Weapons His uncle's tranquilizer gun
Quote "Step aside. The power is here."

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