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Season 1 SynthosisEdit

This season is basically an Alternate Timeline that takes place after Summerween and is about love relationships between Mabel and Jackson a new kid arriving in Gravity Falls when they start going out.Also,Dipper and Mabel start getting suspicious about Grunkle Stan.And Dipper and Mabel meet their Uncle Phil;a monster hunter.And in the end of the season, Dipper meets and is in love with a girl named Andrea.

Season 2 SynthosisEdit

This season is about Dipper and Mabel getting used to being in a new home with thieir Uncle Phil and it's the return of many enemies like Gideon,the Summerween Trickster,etc.Also,Mabel tries to learn to get used to Jackson leaving to a new home in the early episodes.And in the end The Goverment Agencies search for Stan,Dipper,and Mabel and things get weird.

Season 3 SynthosisEdit

Dipper discovers that Stan is Gravity Falls' Forgotten hero.He defeated the legendary and evil Watching Wizard of Gravity Falls;Otherwise known as Yagemo.Dipper also finds out that Robbie's name is actually Xylam,and that Xylam is currently working with Yagemo to Take over Gravity Falls.Also,it is revealed Xylam(Robbie)Was pretending to like Wendy so he could capture her and take her to Yagemo for some reason.So it's up to Dipper and Mabel along with Stan,and Soos to rescue Wendy and safe Gravity Falls

Season 1 EpisodesEdit

The Tale of Bigfoot,The Search And Destroy,The Bite that Changes Everything,2 Heads Are Better Than One,Hunter of the Falls,Hunt for Glory,Returns and Arrivals,and the Season Finale Traveler and the Secret

Season 2 EpisodesEdit

Revenge of the Fight Fighters,The Legend of the Korren,The Trickster That Attacks,Mind over Mabel,Scared Straight,The Boy who Shrieked Help,Operation Rescue Stan,and the Season Finale Secret of the Shack

Season 3 EpisodesEdit

Beware the Troderin,Searching for The Power,The Invasion of the Body-Snatchers,Dipper vs The Monster Under the Bed,Universal Change,Switching Bodies,The Adventures of the Super Twins,The Quest Of The Manotaurs

Mysteries of Gravity Falls SpecialsEdit

Season 2 Specials Gravity Falls:Saving Christmas Season 3 Specials Total Mayhem Part 1

Main CharactersEdit

Dipper,Mabel,Grunkle Stan,Soos,Wendy,and Waddles

Recurring CharactersEdit

Andrea Anderson Gomez,Grenda,Candy Chiu,Bud Gleeful,Cute Biker,Deputy Durland,Sheriff Blubs,Lazy Susan,Nate,Lee,Thompson,Tambry,Old Man McGucket,Manly Dan,Reginald and Rosanna,Mabel and Dipper Lookalikes,Toby Determined,Pacifica Northwest,and Pizza Shirt Guy,and Jackson Lee Thompson

Minor CharactersEdit

Mikey R,Mr. and Mrs. Pines,Deuce,Steve,Mr. and Mrs. Northwest,and the Corduroy boys

Known Enemies and CreaturesEdit

'Lil Gideon,Robbie V,Pa and Ma,Multi-Bear,Tyrone,the Clones,Gobblewonker,Testosteraur,Glurk,Chutzpar,Pituitor,Leaderar,the rest of the Manotaurs,The gnomes,Wax figures,Floating Eyeballs,Merpeople,Giant Vampire Bats,Cooler Monster,Cursed Doors,and the Fight Fighters