Rayley Anderson
Ray Ray
Background information
First seen
Voice Tara Strong
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Rayley Camille Andersom
Other names
Appearance all episodes except season 1, episode 1
Birthday June 19
Goal To finish all of her favorite animes and help Konnie upgrade her amulet.
Home Gravity Falls, Oregon
Relatives Ms.Anderson

4 unknown sisters

5 unknown brothers

Allies Konnie




Enemies Pacifica

Allison Leward


Likes Anime



Dislikes People saying mean thing about anime
Powers and abilities
Quote "I'm all anime!"

Rayley Anderson is the main atongonist in "I Just Visited Gravity Falls!

About Edit

Rayley Anderson is a laid back 16 year old who works at the Gravity Falls Mall. She is best friends with Konnie Brown,"Dipper Pines,Mabel Pines,and Dainel Sephan.Rayley is an anime fan like Konnie, so she works at the "Cosplay Cutie" store at the mall. She also has a crush on Dainel but she dosn't want to tell him.

Appearance Edit

Rayley has long black hair. She has dark skin just like Konnie. Most of the time, when she works at the mall, she wears a light blue polo shirt and dark blue jeans with light blue sneakers. But when she's not working at the mall, she wears a multi-colored tee-shirt and black tights and a flower headband.

Appearances in Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

(Every episode except episode 1)

Season 2 Edit

(all the episodes)

Trivia Edit

  • Her Birthday is on July 19
  • In episode 5, she mentioned that she has 4 sisters and 5 brothers.

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