Return to Butt Island
Gravity Falls Fan Season 2 (MasterCharmander13) series
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Dipper:Grunkle Stan.

Stanley:Stan went out a bit.

Dipper:Oh well.I can ask you too.Why must we keep your presence a secret?I understand you don't trust many people:But Wendy?And Soos?Why can't we tell at least them?

Stanley:I am supposed to dead.And one person from Gravity Falls could turn me down doing something terible.I don't know who that person is.That's why I keep it a secret from everyone.

Dipper:Well,Wendy and Soos can't be thoose,for sure.

Stanley:Listen Dipper.Look on page one of Journal 3 again.

Dipper looks,and it says:"Trust no one"Edit

Stanley:Do you understand now?


Soos:Dudes,come to see something!

Dipper and Mable go outside to meet Soos:Edit

Mable:What's wrong?

Soos:I was walking on the beach,when I noticed a "Roar!!" from Butt Island.

Dipper:It's not called like that!

Soos:Then I seen a shadow on the island.

Dipper:Maybe it's another monster.Can you describe it?

Soos:It kinda looked like Bigfoot!

Mable:Maybe he's cute!Let's find him and make him kiss a tree!

Dipper:We're not gonna do that.Anyway...let's see...*looks in Book 3*Hmmm..Nothing about Bigfoot on Book 3.

Mable:Awww.I wanted to catch him.

Dipper:Wait..I am something!*runs in the shack*

In the house:Edit

Dipper:Book 1...I don't think Stan would mind if I look inside it a bit!

Dipper hears Stanley's coming!He puts Journal 1 on the table,and he stands on the coach:Edit

Dipper:Oh hi Stanley.

Stanley:I thought you were going somewhere with Soos.

Dipper:Um..yea..I just came bag!

Stanley:You have already.

Dipper:Oh I am!

Stanley:Well I'll be going to bathroom now!*leaves*

Dipper:Phew.Now let's see...Bigfoot,Bigfoot...oh there!"Bigfoot is a giant hair-man living on an island near Gravity Falls*Island!So it's definetly him there!I've gotta tell them!

Back to Soos and Mable:Edit

Mable:Where did you went?

Dipper:*whispers*I searched in Journal 1.

Soos:So dudes,are we going?


On "Butt" Island:Edit

Soos looks at the moon:Edit

Soos:The sound came by this way!*points to a way*


Mable:Is that Bigfoot over there?

Soos:Dudes....he's my dad.

Bigfoot appears*Edit

Mable:Bigfoot is..

Dipper:YOUR DAD?!?!!?!?!?

Bigfoot:So you're the twins.

Dipper:Does that makes you Bigfoot Jr.?

Soos:Kinda.But I do not tranform.

Mable:I've just lost all my interess in making Bigfoot kiss a tree....

Soos:My dad...he wanted to meet you.


Bigfoot:I wanna see who are his friends.

Mable:Well,we are!

Dipper:So you're a good monster?

Bigfoot:Yes.But when I am hungry,I am bad.And guess what..I'm hungry!*looks at Dipper and Mable*

Soos:Dude,that was not the deal.You said you wanna meet them.

Bigfoot:Oh I am sorry.Did I said "meet"?I meant "eat"!

Soos:Ok dudes,let's run!

Bigfoot catches Soos and toss him:Edit

Bigfoot:You're gonna be soooo delicious!

Dipper:The manotaurs teached me to fight instead of running!*tries to punch him*

Bigfoot:Hahahaha!That was funny!

Dipper:I remember!In the book!His weakness is his head!Mable,!Toss me on his head!


Dipper hits him in the head and he faints:Edit

Mable:To the boat!

On the boat:Edit

Dipper:How do you feel,Soos?Knowing your dad is...well...evil.

Soos:I am okay dude..I at least saved you...

On the beach:Edit

Mable:My dreams are destroyed!My dreams of making Bigfoot kiss a tree.

Dipper:Maybe not completely.Soos is like Bigfoot too,but with not that much hair!So..

Soos:I'd be glad to kiss a tree!


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