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Sega has taken over Gravity Falls! Dipper and co. need to help the Sega all-stars get back to their universes!


  • Dipper - DjBlueCandy
  • Mabel - Mango Dolphin
  • Grunkle Stan - AmazingBrickTD
  • Soos - ickabod1100
  • Wendy - Mango Dolphin
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Ronnoc the Hedgehog
  • NiGHTS the Nightmaren -Mango Dolphin
  • Amigo the Monkey - Ronnoc the Hedgehog
  • Aiai the Monkey - DjBlueCandy
  • Beat - Ronnoc the Hedgehog
  • Billy Hatcher
  • Dr. Eggman - Ronnoc the Hedgehog
  • Zero Beat - PitsBrother143
  • Reala the Nightmaren -Ronnoc the Hedgehog
  • kratos god of war


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