Samuel Wagner
Background information
First seen The Children are Here to Play
Voice Nathan Vetterlein
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Samuel Otto Wagner
Other names
Personality Serious, friendly, lawful and has a sense of humor
Appearance Brown shoulder length hair, round glasses covering an scar on his eye, wears a blue worker shirt and black jeans and black combat boots. Under his shirt is a black singlet made of light kevlar.
Birthday 13 June (His current age is 15)
Occupation Mystery Shack Security Guard
Relatives Hermann Wagner (Father, deceased)
Likes Adventure, using security cameras, death metal, and pizza
Dislikes Insanity, breaking his glasses, and rich people
Powers and abilities Activating and disabling security systems, use of arson, his knife and sickle throwing, intelligence, sped, and fast thinking.
Weapons A kukri on the scabbard on his belt, and a full arsenal of firearms, blades and throwing weapons.
Quote My job is as sharp as my wits.
Samuel is the Mystery Shack's security guard, and the latest employee in the series.

Background Edit

We never know what Samuel's backstory fully, but while him and his dad Hermann moved here, Samuel witnessed Hermann was clawed to death by a hooded figure, some confirm to be the Brass Demon.

Another striking mystery is the scar he got on his eye. Sure, Samuel mentions that 'some guy' gave him that scar, but who?

Personallity Edit

As a proper security guard Samuel is one serious individual. He does his best to keep the Mystery Shack being under law, which gained his interest into using security cameras, and also keeping an eye out for the paranormal in Gravity Falls. Despite these traits he is great towards his friends and he gets along with everyone. He is also fit and intelligent, another useful trait.

Samuel has a fondness for death metal and pizza, which is odd for a security guard who keeps law to the Mystery Shack. Though Samuel has a dislike for olives, Samuel does get them anyway. Samuel's favourite death metal band is Heildrake.

Though bravery aside, Samuel dislikes going insane, as he says it might effect his figure. He also hates breaking his glasses and for an odd reason he also hates rich people a lot, particulary because of their snobby behaviour.

Trivia Edit

  • Samuel has an arsenal of sickles, guns, and a rocket launcher. This is seen on Darkness Incarnate, when he gives weapons, mainly firearms to the main characters.
  • Since his debut, Samuel is unaware that Wendy has a sort of crush on him. Samuel became aware of that later in Pop Goes the Grunkle, and you'll know what happens later.
  • Samuel's middle name actually came from a Nazi with that name (Otto Gunsche, Hitler's adjucant and dumb informer) which is something Samuel is not happy about.
  • Samuel is fluently German, which explains his frequent use of the word 'schwindhund'.
  • Samuel's voice actor, Nathan Vetterlein, is also the voice of Scout from Team Fortress.
  • It is possible that Samuel is secretly a member of the Society of the Blind Eye. One hint is his scarred right eye which lead it to become fully white.
  • Samuel is the second person of different effinicity in the series, which is fluently German. Soos is another one, and coincedently, both start with the letter S.