Monday Tuesday Wednsday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1.Tourist Trapped 2 3 4.The Legend of The Globewonker 5.HeadHunters 6 7
8 9 10.Candy Monsters 11 12 13.Mable's Guide to Colors 14.Mable's Guide to Art
15.The Hand that Rocks Mabel 16.The Incoviencing 17 18.Mailbox 19 20.Dipper VS Manliness 21.Double Dipper
22. 23 24.Irational Treasure 25.Time Traveler's Pig 26


Mable's Guide to Fashion

28.Fight Fighters
30 31.Little Dipper


Monday Tuesday Wednsday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1.The Hide Behind 2 3 4 5.Summerween
6.Boss Mabel 7.Mabel's Guide to Stickers 8.Bottomless Pit 9 10 11.Deep End

12.Stan's Tatoo

Mabel's Guide to Dating

13 14.Carpet Diem 15 16.Fixing it with Soos 17.Boyz Crazy 18.Land Before Swine 19
20 21.Mabel's Album of Memories 22.Dreamscapers 23.Gideon Rises 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31

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