Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 3 Episode 6


Gideon has an idea to get all the other 3 Books;Switch Bodies with Dipper to obtain the 3 Book.Meanwhile,Stan leaves the shack to go shopping and puts Wendy in charge,and he leaves.Then,Dipper tries to flirt with Wendy but she leaves with Robbie to the amusement park and the legendary monster that is named Korren that he faced in The Legend of the Korren comes and attacks him and Gideon comes and switches bodies with the Korren by accident and uses it against Dipper.


[Gideon is seen at his room reading his 2 Book when he sees the page about the 4 Books.]

Gideon:[sighs]I HAVE to find the other 3 Books.The only other owner I know is Dipper,but that clever fool is not gonna give it to me.I need to get the Volume 3,and then 1 and 4.

[He flips pages til' he sees the Body Swap Page]

Gideon:Woah Body-Swapping.I can use this to my advantage HAHAHA

[Bud yells from the background]

Bud:Gideon,the ice-cream truck is here

[Gideon closes his book]


[He runs downstairs]

[Theme song plays]

[The screen pans to the Mystery Shack Gift Shop and you see Dipper reading a magazine,Mabel tying her shoes,Wendy at the counter reading another magazine,Soos working the light bulb and Stan coming from the living room]

Stan:Wendy and Soos,i'm going shopping with Lazy Susan and you will be in charge for the day



Stan:HA stay out of trouble Wendy,your boyfriend Robbie is always getting into trouble.He was on the news after he sprayed a giant muffin on the water tower

Dipper:I know right,he says it's an explosion but it looks like a muffin HAHA

Stan:Well see ya' kids

[He leaves,gets on his car and drives off]

Dipper:[whispers to Mabel]I hate Robbie

Mabel:[Doesn't whisper]You said that 200000 times

Wendy:Said what 200000 times?

Mabel:That Dipper hates Rob-

Dipper:Robbers I absolutely hate them

[Mabel rolls her eyes]

[Wendy smiles]

Wendy:Dude,everyone hates Robbers except theirselfs

Mabel:Guys let's change the subject

Wendy:Sure what do you want to talk about?

Mabel:How Dipper likes-

Dipper:God and religion

Wendy:Everyone likes God and religion

Mabel:[whispers to Dipper]

Mabel:You are sucking right now

Wendy:I'll be back,I need to go to the restroom

Dipper:Sure uhhh o-okay

[Wendy leaves]

Mabel:Man you suck at talking with Wendy

[Soos finishes the new light bulb and walks to the twins]

Soos:OOOOOOO Dipper are you in love with Wendy?What happened to you and that other girl Andrea?

Dipper:Andrea and I broke up,and I don't have a crush on Wendy!!!!

Soos:Don't worry dude a true gentlemen like me never tells

Dipper:Thanks Soos

Soos:Aha So you do like her

Dipper:NO I don't.......fine I like her

Soos:Like I said before,I am not telling anyone

[He walks away]

Dipper:Do you really think he keeps his words?

Mabel:Ohhhh don't worry he is very nice to us

[Robbie is in his car and honks and Wendy comes out of the bathroom seeing him]


[She leaves and Robbie drives her]

Robbie:Hey Wendy Me,Tambry,Thompson,Nate,and Lee are going to the Amusement Park wanna go?


[The screen pans to the Shack]

Mabel:What do you wanna do now?

Dipper:I don't know

[Waddles comes and Mabel pets him]

Mabel:Hey silly want some food?

[Waddles rolls over meaning yes]

[Mabel gets the food and opens the can and the Korren(Monster that Dipper and Mabel faced in The Legend of the Korren) smells the food and heads towards the Mystery Shack]

[Dipper sees the Korren through the window and gasps]

Dipper:Mabel it's the monster!!!!!

Mabel:We have to get rid of it or else it'll destroy the shack!!!!!

[They go outside before the Korren gets a chance to destroy the Shack]

Dipper:How are we gonna stop it we don't have the crystal to summon it away?

Mabel:How should I know?

[Gideon arrives]

Gideon:Dipper Pines!!!!!!!

Dipper:[groans]Oh not this again

Gideon:Hand me Volume 3 or suffer


Gideon:Fine then [He says the body-swapping spell in cryptogram form]HDRGXS YLWRVH HDRGXS YLWRVH HDRGXS YLWRVH[It means Switch Bodies SWitch Bodies SWitch Bodies]

[His blue aura is visible]

Dipper:What the?

[The Korren heads towards Dipper and Gideon blasts a blue sphere and it hits Korren and smoke appears]

Gideon:Yes Yes i'm Dipper now!!!!!

[He looks at himself]

Gideon:What the i'm the red monster

Dipper:Looks like the 3 Book is still in my possesion

Mabel:Uhhhhh Dipper he is a dragon now!!!!!!!!!

Dipper:But what about the real Korren?

[The screen pans to Korren in Gideon's Body]


Gideon:Hahahahahaha Dipper give me Volume 3 OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!


Mabel:Just give it to him!

Dipper:Are you crazy?



[Gideon throws Fire from his mouth but misses and hits the tree instead]


[Gideon chases them and they get in the forest with the Mystery Cart along with the real Korren in Gideon's Body chasing them]

[Soos and Waddles come out of the door]

Soos:What the?

[He grabs a sword from the Shack's Museum and gets on the second Mystery Cart with Waddles]

Soos:You will probably help


[They follow Gideon,Korren,and the twins]

Soos:Don't worry guys i'll save you

[Later after a long chase,Korren 2.0(Gideon) knocks Dipper and Mabel out of the Cart and Gideon 2.0(Real Korren) and Soos along with Waddles arrive]

Soos:Red Dragon!!!! You shall not harm anyone!!!!

[Soos jumps and stabs Korren 2.0]

Korren 2.0:Ouch!!!!! How dare you baffoon !!!!!!!

[Waddles hits Korren 2.0]

Korren 2.0:[gasps]AHHHHHH A pig!!!!!!

[Soos grabs Waddles and walks to Korren 2.0]

Dipper:Switch bodies with Korren now or else Waddles will get you!

Mabel:Waddles is my hero


Mabel:Switch Bodies or Waddles will bite you


[he does the spell and they switch bodies]

Gideon:I will see you soon boy!

[He leaves]

Mabel:So is Korren an ally now?

[Korren cuddles with Mabel]

Mabel:Woah I guess he is our ally

Mabel:But that still doesn't explain why Gideon is afraid of Waddles

Dipper:Probably cause he doesn't want his hair messy

[The gang laugh]


Dipper:What does that mean?

[Korren coughs]

Korren:Ahhhh there we go

[Dipper,Mabel,and Soos's jaw drop]

Korren:I meant to say thanks and I will help you whenever you need help

[It hands the gang the Korren Crystal]

Korren:Here take the crystal

Dipper:Gee thanks Korren

Korren:See you later

[He leaves]

Dipper:Did you hear that Mabel he will help us whenever we need it

Soos:Guys let's just go home

[Dipper,Mabel,and Waddles get on the first Cart,and Soos gets on the other and they drive to the Shack]

[Later at the Shack]

[Stan comes]

Stan:Hello kids where's Wendy?

Mabel:She barely left

Stan:Lets just watch The Duchess Approves on the TV

Mabel:Wait what?

Stan:Uhhhhh I meant Duck-Tective


[They go to the living room]



The Code is MVCG:HFKVI GDRMH EVIHFH TRWVLM GSV WVHGILBVI.Once Decoded,it says Next:Super Twins versus Gideon the Destroyer.It's cause Gideon makes another appearence next episode and it has to do with super powers.