Summary:simeler to the live action Scooby doo movie the teen detectives and gravity falls Gang are called in to investigate strange going ons on spooky island

transcript Edit

(we have Frank Dally Veronica and Andy and their talking sheep dog Snoopy-Doo wrapping up another Mystery)

Veronica:And the Luna ghost is in fact......

(pulls off mask reviling a middle age Caucasian male in his fiftys)

Gang:Old Man Smithers?!

Factory owner:the creepy janitor?

Veronica:Smithers wanted revenge after you refused to pay him triple.

Smithers:yes and I'd have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for you meddling kids and you dog. I'll get you for this!


(cuts to outside where Frank says they should go find another Scooby doo mystery)

Frank:Well Gang what say we get outta here and find ourselves another mystery?


Snoopy-Doo:No and way.

Dally:Not even for a snoopy snack?

(they go sure)

(meanwhile in gravity falls we see the mystery shack cut to see the gang doing their usual thing)

Dipper:Mabel do you believe in ghosts?

Mabel:(On the spinning globe)I believe you're a big dork.(laughs dipper has a pencil stop it causing her to falloff going waaaa)

(Mailman comes in)

Mailman:Mason Pines?

Dipper:That's me.

Mailman:Mail for you.(he takes it says thanks)G'day son.

(leaves dipper closes the door)

Robbie:what Is it kid? Dipper?

Dipper:Only five tickets for spooky island.

Wendy:I heard of that place its the island amusment park right?


(Note you'lol notice that dipper and wendy are wearing each other's hats)

(Waddles oinks over this)

Mabel:Waddles is right what if it could be another terrafying mystery?

Dipper:Like the second time pacifica northwest needed our help busting that fancy ghost who was an evil rich man?

Wendy:Ganna have to tell my dad and brothers I won't be home.

Mabel:It's not like watching duck tales.

Waddles:Oink oink oink snort.

Mabel:And watching paw patrol.

Robbie:Suspects! Of course!

Dipper:Robbie! Anyway we need to go to this island could be another mystery alright.


Mabel:Duck tective!


(we cut to the Gang on their way to spooky is,and and talking)

Frank:Just a few hours ago we sloved the mystery of the graveyard goons.

Veronica:Yeah. Maybe we could find another case to close.


Andy:Like yeah man.

(they make it to the counter the woman on the pa says the flight to spooky island will be boarding mommentaraly then they hear the gravity falls kids)

Dipper:Hi I'm dipper pines this is my sister Mabel my friends wendy courdroy and robbie valenteo and Mabels pig waddles.

Veronica:Why does she call him that?

Mabel:Because he waddles.

Snoopy doo:hello waddles.

(waddles oinks)

Woman:(on pa)flight 774 to spooky island now boarding.

Wendy:I'm a lumberjacks daughter.

Andy:Oh yeah arm wrestling'll prove that.

(does it and she beats him esaly)

Wendy:Ha ha I win.

(walks off he's like what)

Frank:You comin?

Andy:Yeah sure whatever.