Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 3 Episode 7


Mabel tries to prove to Stan that Waddles is useful and Wendy tells Dipper she is really into Heroes.So when they later discover a gem that is able to give super powers,Mabel,Dipper,and Waddles claim it so Mabel can prove to Stan Waddles is useful and so Dipper can impress Wendy.They become the Super Twins;and Super Pig.Meanwhile,Gideon discovers the gem too and gains powers and warns Dipper to stop messing with him and the re-opening of the Tent of Telepathy or he'll destroy Gravity Falls.


[Mabel is feeding Waddles in the living room when Dipper comes from upstairs and is reading Volume 3]

Mabel:You are so cute Waddles


Stan:Are you ever gonna get rid of that thing?

[Stan comes]

Mabel:NO! He is MY WADDLES!!!!!

Stan:Face it Mabel,he's is useless

Waddles:[Looks down] Oink

Mabel:Grrrrrr,I can prove to you Waddles can do something VERY Useful that can save a life if needed!!!!!!!

Stan:Ok;sounds like a bet to me

Mabel:10 BUCKS


Mabel:The money is given at 8:30 PM.Right now its 2:30


[Mabel and Stan glance at each other and growl at the same time]

Mabel and Stan:Grrrrrrrrr

Dipper:Uhhhh Guys,are you really starting a rivalry against each other?

Stan and Mabel:YESSSSS!!!!!!!

[Dipper walks to the Gift Shop]


[Theme Song Plays]

[Dipper sees Wendy and Soos arrive]

Dipper:Hey Wendy;Soos

Wendy and Soos:Hey Dipper

[Mabel comes with a angry face and brings Waddles]

Mabel:Hey guys


Wendy:Why so serious?HA..HA

Mabel:[smiles]You got that from the Joker didn't you?

Wendy:Yep I seen the movie 50 times,I totally love super heroes;especially Batman

Dipper:[smiles]NO WAY I love Batman TOO!!!!

Wendy:[She smiles]Really?How cool!!!!

Dipper:Yeah I am so into heroes

Mabel:Ummmm Wendy you asked why I'm serious right now

Wendy:Well ok go on

Mabel:Well it's cause Grunkle Stan told me Waddles is useless

[She looks down]


[Waddles cuddles with Mabel]

Wendy:Don't worry that cute pig knows many things but has yet to reveal them

Dipper:Wow Wendy,you have such a way of words.[smiles]

Wendy:[smiles]WEll that is what Batman said in the comics.

Dipper:[thinks to himself]Wendy really likes comics.

[Stan comes with 2 handfuls of signs and 2 hammers]

Stan:Dipper..........[glances at Mabel] MABEL!!!

[Mabel rolls her eyes]

Stan:I want you guys to put up these signs

[hands the twins the signs and the hammers]

Dipper:We'll be back


[He walks away]

[The twins leave with Waddles and head to the forest]

Mabel:Stan will see that Waddles can do MANY THINGS.Isn't that right Waddles?

Waddles:[Smiles]OINK[Cuddles with Mabel]

Dipper:I'm on your side

Mabel:[makes a fist at the sky]Those 10 Dollars are Mine!!!!


Dipper:Well only one more sign to go

[Dipper nails it down to the tree]

Dipper:I don't understand why Stan thinks everyone loves the Mystery Shack

Mabel:I know right,anyways let's go back to the Mystery-[Mabel is astonished]

[She sees a golden crystal]Mabel:Wow look at that Dipper![points to it]

Dipper:Looks cool

[He takes it out of the dirty mud with a screwdriver]

Mabel:Lets go

[Dipper,Mabel,and Waddles leave]

[Later,in the same spot]

Gideon:Where are they hiding I saw them right here

[He sees a leftover crystal]

Gideon:What delightful kind of dohickery is this?

Gideon:I assume I can receive the book later

[He gets the crystal and leaves to his house]

[Later at Dipper and Mabel's room]

Dipper:[Looks at the Gem they found]It looks like I will have to take out Volume 3

[He takes out 3 and flips pages]

[A minute later]

Mabel:Hurry Up already

Dipper:Oh here it is:Super Powers were just a myth......until today.I found a Golden Crystal that has the ability to give extrodinary powers for those who desire it and in order to activate-[Mabel interrupts]

Mabel:Hey I want Super Powers!

[Takes the Crystal away from Dipper]

Dipper:Give it Back Mabel!

[Mabel gives it to him]

Dipper:Besides,you don't even know how to activate it

Mabel:Yes I do

[Dipper raises his eyebrows which means he wants to hear what she has to say]

Mabel:You just hold it for 2 seconds

Dipper:NO!!!!Just let me continue reading,you interrupted

Mabel:Well;what are you waiting for go on

Dipper:[rolls his eyes]In order to activate have to use light in order for the color of the crystal to appear on your body.Also,the powers go away 3 hours after it has been activated

Mabel:Take out your trusty flashlight

[He takes it out and ties the crystal on top like in the Little Dipper Episode]

Mabel:OOO OOO OOO Me first

[Dipper turns on the flashlight and Mabel feels something coming in]

[And she farts]

Dipper:Eww Gross


Mabel:Wait I actually do feel something

Mabel:I think I have Super speed!

[She runs across the stairs in a mini second back-and forth]

Dipper:Amazing!Wait a minute Wendy loves Super Heroes...yes put it on me put in on me!!!!!

[Mabel flashes the light to Dipper]

Dipper:I feel something

[He opens the windows and shoots a blast from his hands to the ground]

Mabel:Amazing......HEY I have a great idea.....Flash the light at Waddles!!!!!

[Dipper flashes the light at Waddles]


[Waddles shoots a X-Ray Laser from the window to the ground like Dipper]


Mabel:Do you think we can fly?

[Dipper jumps and he sees himself floating]

[Mabel and Waddles try it and it turns out they have flying abilities too]

Mabel:Hey let me make our own costumes;remember I'm good at knitting sweaters

[Later she hands out a Wonder Girl Costume to herself,a Batman costume to Dipper,and a Super-Man costume for Waddles]

Dipper:Let's Make our own speech

[Dipper punches the ground]

Dipper:Me Batboy Smartest of them all

[Mabel does a twirl]

Mabel:Girly Girl Silliest and the Funniest

[Waddles rolls over]


Mabel:What should we do with these powers?

Dipper:Rescues citizens when there is trouble



[Commercial Break]

[At the Re-Opening of the Tent of Telepathy]

Gideon:About time we open this thing again!!!

Bud:I'm sorry what was that?

Gideon:Uhhhh nothing......Wait Where is Deuce?

Bud:Right over there.{Points at Deuce and Deuce waves}

Bud:[Screams to people walking past the Tent of Telepathy]Hello fellow citizens..... care to pay a visit to the re-opening of the Tent of Telepathy?

[Everyone nods and pays Bud and they take a seat]

Bud:[Talks to the Audience]Ok everybody this is the grand opening of the Tent of Telepathy and This time,Gideon will show you a crystal

[Gideon gets on the stage]

Gideon:Hello America,I hope you are pleased to the Grand Re-Opening of the TENT OF TELEPATHY YEAH!!!!!!!

[The Crowd scream and clap as in the Mystery Shack,the gang hear all of the clapping and they see in the window]

Dipper:Awwww Great that stupid Tent of Telepathy is open again

Stan:Stupid Gideon

Mabel:[Looks at Stan]STUPID STAN

[They glare at each other]

Dipper:[rolls his eyes]Stan Mabel and I are gonna ruin Gideon's Show.Right Mabel?

Mabel:[nods slowly]Yeah.....yeah were doing that.[Glares at Stan]

Stan:That's my great nephew.[Pats Dipper]

[The twins get dressed in their super hero costumes]

Dipper:Lets do the Super Twins song again

Mabel:Ok lets do it

[Dipper punches the ground]

Batboy;Smartest of them all!!!!

[Mabel does a twirl]

Mabel:Girly Girl;The Silliest

[Waddles rolls over]


Mabel:And together we are.....

Dipper:The Super Twins......

Mabel:And Super Pig


Dipper:Lets go to the Tent of Telepathy and ruin Gideon's Show!!!!

[They fly off from the open window to the Tent]

Dipper:Ok here is Step 1

[He whispers it to Mabel]

Mabel:Got it

[She flies to the Back and she rips the cable from the microphone Gideon is using]

Gideon:[He notices that the mic doesn't work]What the?[Laughs slowly]Ha....ha...Uhhh hold on guys I'll be back

[He makes a cute face to distract the audience]Audience:Awwwww

[The camera pans to Mabel behind the curtains]

Mabel:Hahaha that will teach him a lesson

[She opens the curtain to see Gideon walking to the cable holding the crystal that gave the gang the super powers]


Gideon"Mabel what are you doing here?[Blushes]Do you love me now?But what are you doing in a Wonder Woman Costume its not Summer or Halloween

Mabel:Uhhhh Gotta go

[She flies off]

Mabel:Oh My gosh I have to tell this to Dipper about the crystal

[She arrives at the area where Dipper and Waddles are]

Mabel:Dipper Dipper Dipper Dipper Dipper-


Mabel:Gideon has the Crystal!!!



Dipper:Calm down Mabel Gideon doesn't have the Amulet remember about 2 weeks ago when he tricked us into thinking Jackson was back?

Mabel:Yeah I guess your right but remember 3 days ago,when he switched bodies with the Korren Monster?

Dipper:Yeah so?

Mabel:He will end up switching bodies with us

Dipper:Just calm down kay?


Dipper:Lets just proceed to Step 2

[He whispers it to Mabel]

Mabel:Ok you heard that Waddles you have to rip the Tent's Roof apart


[Waddles uses X-Ray vision to rip the Roof off]

Man One:What the?

Man Two:Lets get out of here this place is rigged

Woman:Lets go John

[Everyone leaves]

[Gideon fixes the cable and gets to the stage]

Gideon:What the? [He sees that the tent is ripped and everyone left and also sees The gang flying off]


[Later at the Shack Dipper,Mabel,and Waddles go to the attic and change]

[Stan comes]

Dipper:Hey Stan we ruined Gideon's Show

Stan:Really I don't believe 'ya

Wendy:[Screams from downstairs]Mr.Pines,all the customers from the Tent are Coming

Stan:Woah really?

[All the customers come in]

Stan:Dipper I think you should be rewarded by taking you to the local pizzeria

Dipper:YES!!!!I love Pizza

Stan:But let me just manage the customers 'til they leave and then we can go

Dipper:Can Mabel,Wendy,and Soos come?

Stan:Sure,I wouldn't take Mabel but right now is 7:45,and Mabel said the winner of the bet would receive money at 8:30

[Later they drive to the Pizzeria and they get inside]

Stan:[Closes his car door]Well were here

Soos:I hope they have bacon pizza.MMMMMM Yummy

[Mabel gasps, and hugs Waddles]

Soos:No offense, ham-bone. Literally! Literally that Waddles is a ham, not the offense part

Mabel:Soos, you rapscallion!

Stan:If they got bacon pizza there you're paying for it yourself, Soos!

[Dipper nervously starts a conversation by Wendy, and instantly starts to sweat]

Dipper:So uhhhhh pretty cool that my uncle is taking us out for pizza, heh?

Wendy:Meh, I guess so

[Dipper adjusts his shirt's collar, and gulps]

Dipper:So, huh, what's your favorite type?

Wendy:Someone who's strong, courageous, and fun

Dipper:Actually, I meant pizza topping

Wendy:Oh Any kind

Dipper:Me too?

Stan:[Facepalms and looks at Soos]He is terrible

[They take a seat in one of the party booths. Dipper makes sure to sit as close as he can to Wendy, and Mabel sits Waddles to her right constantly hugging him. Just then their waiter walks over with their menus, but Dipper doesn't look at him]

Wendy:Oh Hey Robbie how's it going?

Dipper:Wait WHAT!?

[Dipper quickly looks up, and sees Robbie standing there in waiter clothing. He has a small notepad in his left hand, and a pencil in his right hand. He glares at Dipper with an evil eye, and drops a menu in front of him]

[Robbie glances over at Mabel, and sees Waddles. He suddenly stumbles backwards nervously]

Robbie:Hey! No animals in the restaurant

Stan:'Bout Time somebody takes action against the pig

[Mabel glances at Stan]


Mabel:Oh come on, we didn't see a sign on the door

Robbie:Doesn't matter, get him out of here!

Mabel:UGHHHHHHH fine

[Mabel reluctantly grabs Waddles, and brings him outside. Dipper glances at Wendy, and Robbie time to time to make sure they don't engage in a deep conversation]

Robbie:I'll be back to take your order

[Robbie walks away, without saying a word to Wendy, which surprises Dipper. Wendy turns to Dipper, and sort of smiles]

Dipper:Why are you going out with that jerk?

Wendy:Meh, I guess we have a small thing

Dipper:(whispering to himself):It better be a tiny thing

Wendy:I'm sorry what?

Dipper:Uhhhh nothing!Haha

Soos:Dude I am pretty sure you said something

Dipper:No, Soos; I didn't say anything

Soos:Uhhhh I'm pretty sure it was.....

[Suddenly Dipper punches Soos in the shoulder, but tries to make it look playful]

Dipper:It was nothing!

Stan:Goodness Gracious, what's wrong with 'ya kid?

Dipper:Nothing, nothing; it's not important!


[Then Mabel walks back into the pizzeria, but this time with an odd stranger with her. The stranger is wearing a blonde wig, and a purple jacket kind of like Pacifica's jacket]

Mabel:Everyone, I'd like for you to meet Mrs. Waddleton

Soos:Hey! Nice friend, hambone

Mabel:Thank you Soos

Dipper:Umm, Mabel, is that just Waddles in Pacifica's clothing?

Mabel:NO! Where would you get...that silly idea?

Dipper:Maybe from the fact that 'she's' squealing


Mabel:(whispering to Waddles)Silence, Mrs. Waddleton

[Mabel and Waddles get back on the booth, and get comfortable.That is 'til they hear somebody banging the glass]

[The group turns around to see a brunette, and jacketless Pacifica along with her two friends yelling at Mabel]

Pacifica:Give me back my jacket and wig, Mabel!

Mabel:Oh. Hi, Pacifica.No, this isn't your jacket or wig. This is Mrs. Waddleton!


Mabel:But what are you talking about this is Mrs.-

Pacifica:[Interrupts]Staci;Chloe(Her 2 Friends) lets get her

[The 3 Run inside the building as a figure from the sky shoots a blast to the roof and everyone except Dipper,Mabel,Waddles,Stan,Soos,and Wendy exit through the emergency door.However,Stan,Soos,and Wendy are not visible]

Dipper:Mabel you know it's up to us to stop him

Mabel:I know let's get dressed

[They get dressed to their costumes.BTW Pacifica's Clothing and Wig are in the table]

Dipper:Let's Save the City

Mabel:Okay,But can we please do the Super Twins song again.It's extremely catchy

Dipper:Ok lets do it

[Dipper punches the ground]

Dipper:Batboy;Smartest of them all!!!!

[Mabel does a twirl]

Mabel:Girly Girl;The Silliest

[Waddles rolls over]


Mabel:And together we are.....

Dipper:The Super Trio;Batboy,Girly Girl and Super-Pig

Dipper:Now lets go kick Gideon's Butt



Gideon:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA (Refers To Dipper thinking he's Dead)I told you I would get you-huh?

[The Trio arrive]

Mabel:Gideon prepare to get your butt kicked

Gideon:Oh now I know why you were dressed as Wonder Woman.But now....I Have the Powers As WELL MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[Waddles shoots an X-Ray at his hair]

Gideon:Ouch MEH HAIR!!!!!How Dare you Dip-Wait a minute.....[The Camera pans to his face and he whispers]IT WAS THE PIG

[Waddles attacks him]


Dipper and Mabel:Hahahahaha

[Gideon flies to the sky when Waddles,Mabel,and Dipper follow him]

Dipper:Stop Gideon before we kick your scrawny BUTT!!!!

[Gideon stop ascending as well as the Super Trio]


[He shoots Dipper as Dipper falls from the sky]

Mabel:[Gasps]DIPPER NO!!!!!!!!

[She descends as fast as she can but it's too late.However it is revealed Waddles beat her to it and saved Dipper]

Dipper:Hey Mabel


Mabel:Waddles you saved Dipper's Life

Mabel:You see that Dipper?What would have happened if you didn't fix the timeline where I didn't have Waddles?

Dipper:When did that happen?

Mabel:A month ago,remember when Stan opened the Mystery Fair and Blendin Blandon was there?

[Flashback when Dipper hit Wendy by accident and when Robbie asked her out Robbie]

[Dipper and Wendy are walking around the Fair when Wendy sees a duck/panda doll at the Hit-The-Pin-With-The-Ball Game Booth]

Wendy:Woah,Check it out

[The Camera Pans to the booth]

Wendy:I don't know if it's a duck or a panda but I want one

[They go to the Booth]

Dipper:My uncle taught me the secrets to these games;you aim for the guy's head and take the prize while he's unconsious

Wendy:Hahaha Nice

Dipper:One ball please?

[He hands the man a ticket]

[The man gives him the ball]

Man:You only get one chance

[Dipper aims for the pins]

Dipper:And a One..And a Two..And a-[He throws the ball]Ughhhhhh

[The ball hits the table and bounces and hits Wendy in the face]

Wendy:OWWWWWW My Eye


Wendy:Does it look swolen?

[Looks at him while Dipper is in shock]


[He goes and Robbie asks Wendy out]

[Flashback ends]

Dipper:Ok now I remember but GIDEON IS HEADED FOR-

[Gideon tackles the trio and they all fall to the road while the cars drive off]

Mabel:[Gets up]Ughhhhhh My face hurts

Dipper:[Gets up too]I think my bones are broken,ALL MY BONES.



[Gideon raises his hand]

[Dipper and Mabel look at each,other in worry

[But Waddles gets angry and a blue aura[Force field] comes out and they go back in time to when Mabel was about to tell Dipper about the Mystery Fair]

[The screen pans to Dipper and Mabel]

Mabel:Waddles you saved Dipper's Life!

Mabel:You see that Dipper?What would have-

[Waddles flies up to where Gideon is and attacks him]


[Waddles tackles him to the ground as The twins descend to the road]

Mabel:[Gasps]Waddles you totally kicked Gideon's Butt



Mabel:Too bad Stan wasn't able to see Waddles saving our lives

Dipper:[Raises his eyebrows]Where are they anyway?

[The Camera pans to the destroyed Pizzeria as Stan,Soos,and Wendy come out]

Wendy:What happened?

Stan:And why are you guys and the useless pig doing in super hero costumes

Wendy:[Gasps and smiles]Dipper;You're dressed as Batman How cool is that

Soos:Can I be Spider-Soos?

Dipper:[Raises his eyebrows]NO

Gideon:[He stands up]Grrrrr I'll Destroy you!!!!!Starting With STANFORD

[He flies towards Stan about to blast him but Waddles shoots him with an x-ray laser]

Mabel:.....Hey Waddles you saved Stan's Life.[Looks at Stan]Money please?

Stan:[Sighs]Fine here.[Hands her the money]So can you forgive me for being cruel to your pig?


[They hug]

[Then Dipper,Mabel,Waddles,and the barely consious Gideon's powers disappear]

Dipper:What the?

[The Flashlight that has the super power crystal floats and the crystal is sent away as well as Gideon's]

Mabel:Huh?Why did the crystals separate from each other?

Dipper:Remember what the book said?After 3 Hours of having powers the crystal disappears

Stan:Lets just go home

[They arrive at he Shack]

Wendy:So Dipper I like how you were dressed as Batman and you even had his powers

Dipper:Yeah I really like Heroes

[The screen pans to the sky]

[Meanwhile back at the Pizzeria Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Derland are arresting Gideon]

Blubs:Why.....Why would you do this Gideon?

Gideon:Cause,I wanted revenge on the Pines family!!!!!!!MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA

[The Two shrug as they put Gideon in the Back seat of the police car and they drive off]

[The screen pans to the Broken Pizzeria as Pacifica and her friends find the wig and jacket]

Pacifica:Grrrrrrrr MABEL


It Is revealed that Pacifica is actually a brunette.Her Blonde hair is just a wig

The End Credits Code is YVSLOW GSV ZNZARMT HKRWVI-HLLH.Once Decoded it reads Behold The Amazing Spider-Soos

It is Revealed that Gideon as a secret fear of Pigs.His Origin of his Fear will be revealed in a later episode