Episode Summary Edit

The spirit of a fallen visitor of the Mystery Shack comes back to get revenge on Stan!


Dipper and Mabel are playing "Find Grunkle Stan's Fez", and Mabel is winning because she had it behind her legs. Grunkle Stan asks if they want to hear a story, but Dipper thinks it's about when he lost his dollar in the toy machine. Stan says it isn't, and tells a story about when a customer came in the Mystery Shack in 24 years ago (1988-2012). He says he was trying to get him to buy something, but the customer just wanted directions. So Grunkle Stan had pushed him off the balcony into some thorn bushes, and the touriat was never heard from again. Dipper wonders if he may be a ghost, and Stan laughs, not believing him. Suddenly the house starts shaking uncontrollably. Stan goes to check the basement, and the door locks behind him without him knowing it. Dipper goes to unlock it when Grunkle Stan screams. Dipper unlocks the door and Grunkle Stan rushes out, doing a backflip. Mabel asks if he is okay, and Grunkle Stan wierdly says he never felt more alive. His eyes glow red, so Dipper goes into the basement. He finds a wrecked balcony from 24 years ago (1988-2012), and the thorn bush with the tourists body in it. Dipper is about to touch it when Stan slaps his hand, saying not to touch "the treasure". Dipper says "You got possessed by him!" And points to the body. Grunkle Stan, with glowing eyes, says he hasto dispose of Dipper because he knows his secret. The door to the basement was open, and Mabel heard all of it, with Waddles next to her. Dipper runs out of the basement while Stan chases him up, and Dipper jumps through the door. Waddles attacks possessed Stan, and when Stan comes out, he is normal. Dipper wonders where the spirit has gone, and Mabel says they may never know. Waddles's eyes glow red as they walk away together.


  • The cryptogram said "FXQ ITB ATPP ZFHTDQ ZRRO!" (in Caesar mode) meaning "THE PIG WILL STRIKE SOON!"
  • This episode is a Halloween episode.
  • The balcony looks like one from Romeo & Juliet.
  • Dipper thinks the story would be about when Stan lost his dollar in the toy machine, probably a reference to the Futurama episode "The Series Has Landed" when Amy loses her ship keys in the toy machine.