Dipper:Special Gift...what did Bill meant?

Mable:Oh Dipper,you're still thinking about that?It's been 4 days.

In front of the prison:Edit

Stanley:Hello Sir.I am Stanley Pines and he is Stan.

Policeman:I remember you...Stan.You were in prison.

Stan:Yea yea!Whetever!We need to have a chat with Gideon Gleefull.


Stan:Stanley,hide.Gideon can't see you.

Gideon:Oh Stanford.What made you come here?

Stan:Your cell partner.Vampire.He's dangerous!

Vampire:What had you said?


Vampire:GET OUT!



Mable:What's going on?

Dipper:I guess it's an Eartquake!!!

Soos:DUDES!Hide under the table!!!

After the eartquake,outside:Edit

Soos:Wow dudes!Many buildings had been cracked.



Mable:There's a new island!

Dipper:It...came out of the ocean.That's what caused the eartquake...

Soos:We go?

Dipper and Mable:We go! :D

On the island:Edit

Dipper:How did it came from the ocean....alone?.Just....came?

Soos:Dudes,look what I found!


Dipper:They seem familiar.

Soos:I'm gonna keep them!

Dipper:Mable...those are Quentin Trembley's pants!...Mable..what are you eating?

Mable:Jellyes!There are a lot on the ground.

Dipper:Wait up!It's like a map!Quentin left all thoose behind,so he could be found.He may be in danger!!!

Soos:Sorry to intervent dudes,but who's Quentin?

Dipper: 8 1/2 President!Now let's follow thoose jellies!And Mable..DON'T EAT THEM!WE NEED THEM!

In front of a door:Edit

Soos:End of the line,dudes.

Mable:Aww!I wanted to eat more jellies.

Dipper:Wait a minute..?*brings out the key*Quentin gave me this key,which can open anything!


Dipper and Mable:QUENTIN TREMBEY!!!

Quentin:Oh hello Rodrick,and girl.

Dipper:My name's not Rodrick.

Soos:So this is Quentin eh?

Mable:What are you doing here,Mr.President?

Quentin:You!*points to Dipper*Two of you,and 1..head kidnapped me.

Dipper:2 of me?And 1 head?

Larry King:Welcome family Pines!!!

Mable and Dipper:WAX LARRY KING'S HEAD?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

Dipper:But...we killed you!

Soos:Dude,I have no idea what is going on!

Dipper:Soos,take Quentin out of this base!Go!

Quentin and Soos goes out:Edit

Larry King:My head remained alive!And even since,I prepared my revenge!

Mable:But what about the two Dippers?

Clone 3:Missed us?

Clone 4:We never came back,did you forgott,Dipper??

Dipper:Why had you kidnapped Trembley?

Larry King:I need a body to posses,since I am only a head.And what better body to posses,than a president's?

Mable:You wanna posses Quentin?

Larry King:CLONES!Destoroy Them!!!!

The Clones attack Dipper and Mable,they have to fight!Dipper manages to melt Clone 3.Edit

Larry King:NOOO!This is it!*posses Clone 4*

Clone 4-Larry:aah!It's so great to have a body again!Now I can destroy you myself!!!

Dipper and Mable:!!!!!

Dipper:Mable,give me your water bottle!!

Dipper meltsClone 4-Larry:Edit

Mable:What about Larry?

Dipper:I think he died,being inside Clone 4.

Mable:Where did thooe clones came from?

Dipper:I made them.Long story.


Quentin:Congratulation kids!By Trembley!

He leaves on a horse backwards.Edit

The Island starts shacking:Edit

Soos:Dudes,what's happening?

Dipper:Oh no!The Island is going underwater again!

Soos:To the boat!Fast!

They escape just in time.Edit

After they left,Larry King is being seen on the water:Edit

Larry King:You'll hear more of me,Kids!

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