Mysteries of Gravity Falls Season 3 Episode 5

Here is the link to Hunter of the Falls,so you understand the story

Overview When it's time for the annual festival in Gravity Falls,Dipper and Mabel are excited.Also,Mabel tries to cure Stan's phobia from the Starship 3000.Meanwhile,Robbie comes to the festival and attacks Dipper but fails.So he steals Blendin Blandon's Tape measure Time Machine and goes back to the Hunter of the Falls time and he makes sure Dipper doesn't find out about the zombie thing so Wendy still goes out with him.It's up to Dipper to stop him


[Dipper is reading the 3 Book in the couch when the camera pans to Mabel with Waddles]

Mabel:Hey Dippingsauce

[Punches his arm]

Dipper:Hey Mabel

Mabel:So Dipper what cha' doing

Dipper:I don't know

Mabel:I'm BORED!!!!!

[Dipper slouches]

Dipper:Me too

Dipper:I am going to flirt with Wen- [Wendy comes and he Covers his mouth and puts the 3 Book under the couch]

Mabel:Ulala Dipper flirting with-[Dipper covers Mabel's mouth]

Wendy:Hey Dipper!

Dipper:H-Hi Wendy

Wendy:So...are you ready for the carnival?

Dipper and Mabel:What?

Wendy:Well,every August 3rd there is a carnival due to the election of the mayor Damian Sauyer


[Dipper and Mabel look at each other]

Mabel:Dipper are you ready?


[Stan comes]

Stan:Sup slicks

Dipper:Can we go to the festival?

Stan:Uhhhhh fine get in the car i'll drive 'ya

[Everyone gets in the car and Stan drives them to the festival]

[Theme song Plays]

[They arrive at the festival in 10:01]

Mabel:Look at all the games

Dipper:Looks cool I guess

Mabel:Oh face it Dipper,you LOVE Carnivals

Dipper:Yeah,I kinda do

Wendy:Hey Dipper you want to go to the Ferris Wheel.I don't want to ride with strangers

[Dipper is blushing]

Dipper:Yeah ok

[The two go]

Mabel:Grunkle Stan,you wanna go to the Starship 3000 (One of the rides)


Mabel:What's wrong Grunkle Stan

[Stan faces the floor and kicks a rock]

Mabel:Go ahead tell me.

[Flashback happens]

Stan:Well,when I was about 11,I went to that ride,and I peed my pants,vomited,and everyone made fun of me!And by that I mean EVERYONE!!!!!! [Mabel giggles]

Mabel:HAHAHAHAHA,Uhhh I mean Grunkle Stan,I will get rid of your fear of the Starship!!!!


[Meanwhile at the Ferris Wheel Booth 2]

Wendy:Woahhhh WE are really high up!!

Dipper:I know right

Wendy:Yeah I but no worries right?

Dipper:Yeah what ride should we go to next?

Wendy:Uhhhh,how about the Orbiter?

Dipper:Sounds cool

[Meanwhile in the parking lot of the carnival]

Robbie:Damn you Dipper,sitting with my WENDY

[Turns into a zombie due to anger]

Robbie:I'll get YOUUUUU

[Jumps really high and lands on the Ferris Wheeel Booth 2]


Dipper:[gasps] Robbie!!!!

[Robbie breaks the glass and throws Dipper to the 10th Booth]

Man and Woman from Booth 10:What the?


Robbie:Now where were we Wendy


Robbie:He ruined OUR relationship! [Dipper yells from the background]

Dipper:Don't worry Wendy i'm okay just a little spine damage OWWWW

Wendy:How dare you!!!! [Slaps him]

Robbie:I'll be back [He leaves and the manager of the ride stops the ride and everyone gets out one-by-one]

Wendy:Dipper are you ok?


Wendy:Let's just go to the Orbiter

[They leave]

[Meanwhile at the Starship 3000]

Mabel:Grunkle Stan are you ready WE ARE NEXXXTTTTT YEAAHHH

Stan:NOOOO I'm not getting in that

Mabel:No we're next


[They get in and it starts spinning]


[Starts moving]

Mabel:Just shut up and stop moving it's gonna get worse

Stan:NOOOOOOOOOOOO STOP THIS RIDE [They stop the ride]


Man:I can't believe you

Woman:You just ruined my 2 kid's funtime



[Mabel punches him]


Mabel:You see what you did?

Stan:It's not like the fate of the world depends on me riding this stupid thing

Mabel:NOOOOOO we are going to get in the back of the line to go again until you get rid of your phobia!

Stan:Mabel Angelo-

Mabel:It's Mabel

Stan:Whatever anyways Mabel I appreciate that you are willing to help me than to go on those rides you like,but I will never get rid of this phobia.

Mabel:No i'm staying and you will lose your phobia!


[Meanwhile at Robbie's hideout]

Robbie:AHA I got it.I can steal My friend's tape measure.What was his name.Oh yeah it was Blendin

[Robbie goes to Blendin's house]

Robbie:Hey Blendin

Blendin:Oh hey- [Robbie steals the tape measure Time Machine and runs off]

Blendin:Darn you

[Later at Robbie's Hideout]

Robbie:Let's see,go back to July 1st

[The Date goes from August 3rd to July 1st 9:31 A.M when Dipper found out Robbie was a zombie]

[At the Mystery Shack]

Wendy:Hey Dipper

Dipper:Hey Wendy

[Robbie,Tambry,Thompson,Lee,Nate come and they knock on the door.]

[Dipper answers the door]Dipper:Hey guys

[Robbie thinks to himself]Robbie:Remember,The reason she broke up with me is cause I was bullying Dipper and that I was a zombie so I can't bully him and I have to make sure his Uncle Philip doesn't see him cause both of them found out.

Robbie:Hey Dipper have you seen Wendy?

Dipper:She's over there [Points at Wendy]


[Later Phil knocks on the door and Dipper answers and Robbie sees]

[Robbie thinks to himself]Robbie:Oh no it's that monster hunter guy

[He goes back to 8:30 when he wasn't with Tambry,Thompson,Lee,and Nate]

Robbie:I gotta get rid of Dipper's Uncle

[Robbie sees Phil with the Zombie Radar turned off]

Robbie:Uhhhhh hey you you want to find the zombie


Robbie:He's over there somewhere in the bushes [Points to the Forest]

Phil:Thank you young fellow

[Phil leaves and Robbie goes to August 3rd 10:01 in the newly mad dimension where Robbie is dating Wendy]

[10:01 was the time when the gang arrived at the carnival but in the new dimension,Robbie went with them

Dipper:Why are you coming with us Robbie?

Robbie:Cause Wendy is my kitten [Makes an angry face at Dipper]

Wendy:Mr.Pines me and Robbie are going to the Ferris Wheel

Stan:Whatever [The two leave]

Dipper:[Sighs]Mabel I thought Robbie and Wendy wouldn't be going out this long

Mabel:Ohhh Dipper I know that the Andrea break-up thing is getting on you but calm down I'm sure they'll break up sometime

Dipper:Yeah I guess you're right



The Secret Code is GSV MVD FMREVIHV SZH YVVM NZWV.It means The New Universe Has been Made

If you don't get what happens in the end,i'll tell you.Robbie succeds in his plan from going back in time to be dating Wendy.