Hello, Gravity Falls Fanfiction Wiki, this is Concernedalien11780. I am a fan of many things and have thought of some small ideas for those things to write and publish on the Internet as fanfiction, but for me, my idea for a Gravity Falls fanfiction series is the most well-thought-out of all my fanfiction ideas, probably because Gravity Falls is one of those things that makes itself really fun to think about. I was originally going to write a blog post on the canon wiki introducing myself to the fandom on that wiki and talking about why I like the show, but I would want an entirely free day to do that because of how I have a lot to say about the show, specifically about my love-hate relationship with Alex Hirsch and Kirsten Schaal (not actual love or hate, because I don't know either of them personally, but more about trying to be a fan of the show when certain things said and done by them create a conflict of interest within myself), so I decided to write about my idea for a twenty-installment fanfiction "medi-series" (a term I made up for something that is longer than a miniseries but shorter than an actual ongoing series, or a "maxi-series" which is usually the term used for comic books with about sixty issues that are meant to end at a certain time and not just keep going until cancellation like most ongoing comic book series, therefore being at medium length) today because I don't expect it to take as long.

The Basic Idea: This has probably been done before by other writers, but it's my take on the commonly-used idea of Dipper and Mabel returning to Gravity Falls as teens and discovering new mysteries. I'm motivated to do it by the fact that, in spite of the show all being set over the summer of 2012, the show continued its run to this day and really started to pick up in Season 2, which began airing in 2014 and will conclude by the end of this year, along with possibly the series entirely (though Season 3 has not been entirely taken off of the table). Season 2 and the move from Disney Channel to Disney XD, where Disney Television Animation airs most of its cartoons now, definitely helped the series transcend expectations and push boundaries for what could be done in a TV-Y7 rated show, as most of their current animated series that gather a shared audience of kids, teens, and adults don't really seem to belong on a network that primarily airs preteen sitcoms (though that hasn't stopped Disney XD's live-action shows from airing on it and some bizarre non-canon crossover attempts in their advertising that make me cringe). Until "Dipper And Mabel vs. The Future" aired and anticipation for "Weirdmageddon" began, I expected the series finale movie, whether theatrical or a TV movie, to go something like this- On Dipper and Mabel's thirteenth birthday and a party is thrown at the Shack (not taking into account that Stan doesn't want to throw any more parties at the Shack after "Scary-oke"), but the party is crashed by government agents that arrest Stan and Ford for all of the crimes Stan has committed, both as Stanley and as Stanford. Dipper and Mabel try to bust them out, but a fight over whether they should save just Ford because of how, unlike Stan, Ford is innocent of the crimes (what Dipper believes should be done) or if they should save them both because they're family (what Mabel believes should be done) gets them caught and sent to juvenile hall (because they're not quite in Gravity Falls and the police outside of the town don't throw minors in adult prison like the GFPD did with Gideon). Dipper and Mabel blame each other for getting them both thrown in juvenile hall and stop being on speaking terms. Dipper is visited by another dream demon than Bill Cipher named Will Cipher, a blue square with two eyes that is a cousin (because there are enough twin brothers in this show as is) and rival of Bill's and I imagine would be voiced by Jon Stewart (Alex Hirsch said in his original Reddit AMA that Jon Stewart is his comedic idol and that he would be his top choice for a guest star, and Stewart in return has praised the Gravity Falls on The Daily Show, would often playfully badger Kirsten Schaal for secrets about the show when he still hosted The Daily Show, and even named his most recent family dog Dipper, so why not have Hirsch's ideal guest star be in the grand finale?). Will tries to get Dipper to make a deal with him to stop Bill's apocalypse, but Dipper refuses to trust him because of his status as a dream demon. The next day, after he and Mabel are attacked by another juvenile hall inmate that Dipper realizes is being used by Bill as a vessel to torment the twins when they are unable to stop him from unleashing the apocalypse (which I didn't think would happen with a Neon Genesis Evangelion-style cross in the sky, but with an interdimensional gateway formed from the wreckage of Stan's portal), making Dipper reconsider with Will that night. The apocalypse begins, and knowing that Dipper and Mabel are somehow necessary to stop it, Soos, Wendy, Candy, Grenda, McGucket, Pacifica, Robbie, Tambry, Lee, Nate, Thompson, and Blendin arrive to bust the twins out, unaware that Will Cipher is currently using Dipper as a vessel. Gideon has taken advantage of the destruction and hysteria caused by the apocalypse ravaging Gravity Falls to escape prison, and allows Bill to grant him actual supernatural powers. Will, who has similar abilities to Bill, uses his powers in Dipper's body and begins to defeat Bill's demon army with ease while seeking out Bill. Knowing that he's starting to lose, Bill possesses Gideon and has a fight-in-the-sky with "Wipper". The fight goes back to the Nightmare Realm, where it is revealed that Will Cipher was going to do the same thing as Bill with his own demon army, but Bill somehow took advantage of Will's slightly slower nature and beat him to the punch of being the dream demon that has the "honor" of causing the apocalypse, and is using Dipper for revenge against Bill. Hearing this, combined with his desire to keep all of his friends and family safe, gives Dipper the willpower to reject Will from his body, and upon learning that Bill wouldn't spare Mabel, Gideon rejects Bill from his body as well. In spite of their mistrust of each other, they work together to escape the Nightmare Realm. They regroup with everyone, including Stan and Ford, who have also been freed from prison because of the chaos, and after sealing any loose ends they need to with each other, the ten people who have symbols that represent them on the wheel- Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Stan, Ford, Robbie, Gideon, and I believe Wendy, Pacifica, and McGucket prepare for a final showdown with Bill, who they will defeat with their "inner gifts". Other dream demons of various colors, shapes, amounts of eyes, and variations of good-evil morality and lawful-chaotic order service begin to come out of the portal with their own demon armies, all ready to go to demon-war with each other on Earth for control of the world, with Gravity Falls as the center of the battle. While various characters, monsters from previous episodes, and townspeople begin to fight the ten heroes try to ally themselves with as many "good" demons as they can, but only one is willing to work with them- a pink three-eyed hexagon named Jill Cipher (who I imagine would be voiced by someone with a voice similar to Alison Brie's Uni-Kitty voice from The Lego Movie) that grants the heroes temporary supernatural powers that exentuate their "inner gifts"- Dipper's natural heroism, Mabel's good and kind soul, Stan's street-smarts, Ford's intelligence, Soos' friendliness, Wendy's honesty, McGucket's "insight", Robbie's openness to love, Pacifica's willingness to improve herself, and Gideon's singing voice- to defeat Bill and all of the other evil demons. They tap into their gifts and, while surrounding Bill, turn him and all of the other demons into pieces of paper. The heroes have all passed out initially, and have lost the superpower aspects of their inner gifts, but Bill is defeated and the world is safe. When everyone comes to, Dipper and Mabel run to each other and embrace, apologize to each other for all of their flaws, and say that whether they stay together or not in the future, they'll always love each other as brother and sister. Stan and Ford do the same and agree to buy a new boat to name the Stan 'O War and travel the world together in. The ten heroes are declared national treasures for saving the world, and Stan is pardoned for his crimes. The time finally comes for Dipper and Mabel to return to Piedmont, California, and they give heartfelt goodbyes to everyone. Dipper and Mabel thank Ford and Stan for helping them become who they are now and Soos for all of the fun they had with him over the summer. Mabel promises to be best friends forever with Candy and Grenda and that they'll stay in touch throughout the year. Ford aplogizes to McGucket for putting him through the psychological trauma that made him want to erase his memory enough times to go insane. Gideon reforms and, while not quite friends with Dipper and Mabel, is no longer antagonistic towards them, and decides to become a magician, because that's basically "a psychic with honor, because the audience knows it's fake and finds that to be part of the fun". Blendin tells Dipper that he's got a bright future ahead of him, and that he is in control of it and Blendin will never need to interfere in Dipper and Mabel's lives ever again. Robbie tells Dipper that as long as he never tries to become between him and Tambry (which Dipper obviously has no desire to do), he's willing to be friends with him. Wendy tells Dipper that she loves him like a little brother, tells him that he'll find someone great for him someday, and kisses him on the forehead. Pacifica thanks Dipper for helping her become a better person and kisses him on the cheek, and they say that if they ever reunite when they're older, they may become boyfriend and girlfriend depending on who and what else is in their lives, but for now, they'll just be friends, because they're still young and don't want to rush into romance. Once Dipper and Mabel arrive back in Piedmont, we finally see their parents (who I imagine vaguely resembling Alex Hirsch and Lauren Faust), but a bunch of boxes are outside their house. Mr. and Mrs. Pines reveal that after hearing about how Dipper and Mabel had the best summer of their lives in Gravity Falls, deciding that a pet pig might not go over well in Piedmont, and Mr. Pines expressing a desire to enter the gift shop business, they share that they're going to go move to Gravity Falls and live there year-round and reopen the Mystery Shack as a year-round gift shop. Dipper and Mabel are overjoyed to learn this and hug their parents, and the final scene is the two of them standing outside of the Gravity Falls Middle School, and after seeing Candy, Grenda, and Pacifica smile at them, Dipper and Mabel say that they'll always be the Mystery Twins and have one more "awkward sibling hug" before going into the school to learn the "mysteries" of eighth grade. Many people probably thought something similar would happen to that movie idea too, right? Well, recent events have shattered those expectations, and now no one really knows for sure how the show will end. My ideas for my fanfiction series were largely inspired as a continuation of this kind of ending, so I'll probably change things about my work to suit the canon story. Now that I've got my long what-could-have-been finale story out of the way, I can share my actual story. Set sometime in Dipper and Mabel's eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade year of high school (I haven't quite settled on which grade it would be set in, though I'll probably go with tenth grade), it shows Dipper and Mabel as teenagers trying to navigate their teenage issues alongside new mysteries. The three journals were actually published as actual books sometime after the summer of 2012 in this series of mine (almost like how Journal 3 will actually be released by Disney Publishing sometime next year), and now supernatural occurences are happening aroudn the world. The Pines family now has psuedo-celebrity status, and Ford is now a government consultant for supernatural and paranormal occurences. Of course, this doesn't make Dipper and Mabel super-popular at school, and they still have issues within certain aspects of the social hierarchy. Now I'll go into seperate individual characterizations for each of the characters, both how old characters have changed and how new characters will be worked into the story. 

Llamanic Alexander "Dipper" Pines- Physically, Dipper's not too different. He's taller, has SLIGHTLY more muscle, and has a very small amount of stubble on his chin surrounded by a few pimples. He's still voiced by Jason Ritter, but has a slightly deeper voice with a tendency to crack. He still wears his pine tree hat because it's, you know, his hat, but now he wears a partially-unzipped navy blue hoodie over his orange T-shirt, faded blue jeans, and white sport sneakers. He still has his geeky interests in speculative fiction (that isn't so fictional for him), Dungeons, Dungeons, And More Dungeons, and pretty much anything that has generally been associated with the label-turned-lifestyle "geek". He has his own Candy and Grenda equivalents as his best friends besides Mabel, Soos, Ford, Stan, and Wendy. One is named Utkarsh, an Asiatic-Indian-American boy with his own quirky traits and a nervous crush on Mabel, and the other is Tate, who, just as Grenda is a girl with very masculine traits, Tate is a boy with very feminine traits and is essentially a metrosexual. Dipper is more confident with girls now, and has developed friendships with romantic potential with Candy, Pacifica, Lindy Corduroy, Wendy's younger cousin who I created to be a way for Dipper to have someone like Wendy as a love interest both without age difference and be canon-compliant, and even the three girls from "Roadside Attraction", Emma Sue, Log Land Girl (who I've named Nichole), and Corn Maze Girl (who I've named Kari), who have all moved to Gravity Falls as well and, because of my personal feelings on the mildly controversial within the fandom dilemma that Dipper found himself in in that episode and whether or not Dipper actually did anything wrong, have all decided to forgive Dipper within my story and say that "he's not a jerk, he just tries too hard to be one sometimes". Dipper is also stressed out by the "love heptagon" he has found himself in with Candy, Emma Sue, Kari, Lindy, Nichole, and Pacifica, who all have crushes on Dipper and whose friendship with one another has been strained by that, and how Dipper has minor crushes on all of them and could see himself dating any one of them, but doesn't want them fighting over him. I'm not going to reveal who he ends up with, but I'd be willing to hear who people want him to date. One story that happens is about some other girls at the high school putting Dipper in a parody of The Bachelor to decide who he should date, but as a parody of/satire on certain aspects of shipping in the Gravity Falls fandom, some girls even make almost all of the other characters ever shipped with Dipper in a fanfiction (apart from OCs and crossover ships) participate in the "reality" competition. As if having to choose between Candy, Emma Sue, Kari, Lindy, Nichole, and Pacifica wasn't enough, he now has to deal with different groups of strangers forcing him to date Mabel, Wendy, Stan, Soos, Gideon, Robbie, .GIFfany (who has been brought to life with witchcraft), Tambry, McGucket, his clone Tyrone (also ressurected through witchcraft), and Bill, who is being held in a cage enchanted by unicorn hair restricting his abilities, which is how he's being forced to be at the mercy of a bunch of teenage girls, and it's not like any of them want to be in this game either. Dipper is driven insane by the situation, made even worse by BillDip shippers rigging the game to keep Bill in and put Dipper in a possessive relationship with Bill, thinking it will make Dipper more attractive, and tries to leave town to escape the hysteria, until Emma Sue, who I've chosen as the girl that Dipper has the closest friendship of the other six girls in that above group, and I like as Dipper's girlfriend the most but would want to hear at least a little feedback about it first, tries to help Dipper overcome it and defeat the shippers after the two fake their deaths to help Dipper temporarily get out of the situation only to find out when they return that without the game to put Dipper in, they've forced their ideal common consensus remaining couples to pair up, with Bill being forced to use Mabel as a vessel by BillMab shippers. All of this may change depending on whether or not Alex Hirsch will end up giving Dipper a legitimate love interest outside of a precocious crush on Wendy and make Dipifica canon or something like that. He doesn't seem to be that into it, considering how the main characters are twelve going on thirteen, and "Roadside Attraction" was a veiled mocking of shippers, setting up a romance that was based in a ship that most people were over a long time ago (Candip) before ending the episode with them agreeing to be friends. So for now, I'll just stick with my plans.

Mabel Ariel Pines- Mabel now almost always wears her hair in a braid and no longer wears her braces. She still wears a variety of sweaters and sweater-like tops along with a variety of pants, skirts, shoes, slippers, sneakers, sandals, and boots. Her voice now sounds more like some of the other characters that Kirsten Schaal has voiced in cartoons with slightly deeper voices, such as Louise in Bob's Burgers and Sarah Lynn in BoJack Horseman, but without Louise's sadism or Sarah Lynn's drug-addledness (she's three months Smile Dip sober). While not as blatantly immature anymore, she is still fun-loving, bubbly, perky, and, while not to the extent she was in the main series, boy-crazy. She still loves Dipper deeply, but isn't dependent on him to feel content, and they agree to find their own paths as long as they can have Mystery Twin Mondays together until college. Pacifica is now one of her best friends along with Candy and Grenda. Utkarsh has a nervous crush on her, and I think that they'll date for at least one installment of my series. While I was originally going to create a story in which Gideon brainwashes Mabel into liking him, recent developments in the show have convinced me to reconsider this plotline and now he just wants to be a good friend to Mabel. I don't know how good Gideon will go in canon, but I know that he at least doesn't want to do anything bad to Mabel again, so I guess that's worth something.

Stanley Sherman Pines- Stan doesn't look or sound different at all, though he has retired and passed on the job of running the Mystery Shack to his nephew, Dipper and Mabel's dad, Alex Pines (basically my idealistic reimagining of Alex Hirsch). He and Ford live with the Pines's in the new rebuilt Mystery Shack because of Stan's hatred of retirement homes, Ford's position in the American government, and so that they can stay close to their nephew, niece-in-law, great-nephew, and great-niece. He still has some criminal tendencies, but has stopped some of the more extreme ones, such as pug trafficking (which I reveal to be using pugs as mules to smuggle Smile Dip into Mexico), though he still plays card games with some people that, even though he calls them his friends, he doesn't want them to ever try to meet his family because of how they have helped each other with some pretty nasty crimes in the past. One of the advantages of the fanfiction format is that you can explore themes that are only mildly touched upon because of the restrictions placed upon the creators. I in particular will treat the my series as a moderate-to-high-TV-PG-low-to-moderate-TV-14 version of Gravity Falls. Some aspects of Stan's criminal past will be looked into and how he has done things that he's only willing to tell Ford about because of how he thinks that if Dipper or Mabel were to learn about some aspects of his past, they would probably hate him.

Stanford Filbrick Pines- Ford is now known around the world as "The Author", and is the consultant to the American government on paranormal and supernatural matters. He still does his research, and Dipper and Mabel are both his apprentices, but as a part-time position so that they can have a social life. We will learn about Ford's history in the multiverse, such as his business partnership with Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, and how because of time-space distortion caused by traveling the multiverse, he's only in his early seventies physically, and is actually a few hundred years old mentally. Because of his work with Rick Sanchez and others in the multiverse, he has a criminal record in other dimensions, and while it's not as full of individual crimes as Stan's, the crimes he has done are more severe and have bordered on anarchist terrorism because of his involvement with Rick, Bird Person, Squanchy, and the Freedom Fighters. He has managed to develop a stronger connection to Mabel than before due to Mabel's intelligence and patience having grown since she was twelve and because that same change has happened with Ford as well, albeit emotionally rather than intellectually like Mabel. He will even take Dipper, Mabel, and Stan to other dimensions a la Rick and Morty.

Jesus Alzamirano "Soos" Ramirez- Soos isn't too different physically, apart from a few more hairs on his chin and a few less pounds. He has since married Melody and had a toddler-age son with her that they named Staniel after both Stan and Ford. Soos is still the handyman of the Mystery Shack, but also has a part-time job as a Let's Player, a job he does with Melody as a parody of KWing and KWife, a husband and wife duo of family Let's Players. Melody also works as a teacher's assistant at the Gravity Falls elementary, middle, and high schools. Soos loves being a dad, probably more than being a husband, and tries to make as much time for his son Staniel and wife Melody as possible. The only story idea I've thought of that uses Soos to a major extent is one of the sadder ones, and while I wish there could be a more lighthearted story to be centered around Soos as weil, I'm still proud of this idea. It's when Soos' deadbeat dad comes back into his life "needing" money, and will explore the depths of how far Soos will go to be both a good dad and a good son and look into how morally bankrupt someone would have to be to have no remorse for not being in their son's life whatsoever like Soos' dad. Other than that, Soos isn't too different from the way he is on the real show.

Wendy Daniel Corduroy- Wendy is about an inch taller than before, has become slightly curvier, wears a black beanie hat that says "Neverland" on it, has a pixie cut, and wears a low-cut black tank top with the symbol of the House Stark from Game of Thrones on it, ripped and muddy jeans, and lace-up boots. She and all of her friends are now high school seniors. Wendy initially seemed to be content with her role as a surrogate older sister to Dipper and Mabel, and she and Dipper often tell each other that they love each other, but as an older-sister-younger-brother relationship. However, some awkward encounters in some of the later installments, combined with Dipper becoming more handsome and mature in the past few years and seeing how awkward-smitten Dipper gets with Emma Sue, Wendy's younger cousin Lindy, Pacifica, Kari, Nichole, and Candy, and how they get the same in return, causes the tables from the original series to turn and Wendy to have the mostly-unrequited crush on Dipper. Tambry tries to tell Wendy how unrealistic she's being, but it doesn't help. One installment in which Dipper and Wendy eat some candy that they learn too late is laced with Smile Dip results in the two of them kissing, severely straining both Dipper and Wendy's platonically-loving-friendship and almost all of their personal relationships with everyone else that would care that two friends in a former precocious-crush relationship have kissed while under the influence of drug-candy. This storyline may prevent Wendy from being likable, seeing as how the most well-adjusted character in the show is turned into a homewrecker, and no one likes a homewrecker, but I'll try to give Wendy her good moments before then, and maybe, just maybe, she won't be considered too far over the moral event horizon to be redeemed and once more have healthy relationships with Dipper, Mabel, Lindy, Robbie, and Tambry.

Waddles Porker Pines- The goo from the noncanon episode "Little Gift Shop Of Horrors" that gave Waddles genius-level intellect and allowed him to build himself a machine that let him speak in Neil deGrasse Tyson's voice is canon in this story, and Waddles has used it to actually speak in Tyson's voice. He does plenty of things meant to reference some of the things said and done by the astrophysicist. Because of Waddles' newfound preference for science, he deliberately tries to avoid the fantasy, paranormal, and supernatural-based elements of Dimension 46'\ and tries to pretend that they don't exist. In spite of his arrogant nature, he still knows how to be sympathetic and cute when it seems like Dipper and Mabel need it.

Candy Chiu- Candy now wears a mint-green T-shirt with the faction symbols from the Divergent series on it (yeah, I decided to make her a semisatirical depiction of one of those girls, please flame responsibly), a long-fringed black skirt, and gray ankle Ugg boots. I like to think of the six girls that Dipper likes and like him back in my series as each being similar to the Mane Six from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Candy fills Fluttershy's role, mainly in the sweet and quiet aspects, but she also is more outgoing and is more prone to angry outbursts than Fluttershy. Her crush on Dipper came back somewhere in their teen years, and on Dipper's real personality and not the fake one from "Roadside Attraction". Regardless of her crush, she is content to be just friends with Dipper if it comes to that, and has all of her other friends as well to be with.

Grenda Gronkle- Grenda now wears a faded green athletic tank top with "Gravity Falls High" written in orange on it along with light gray sport shorts and coral pink sneakers. She and Candy are now revealed to be bisexual, and begin to date after Candy outgrows Dipper. After a messy breakup with Marius, who became too clingy for her liking, she is a little more cautious than necessary around things related to Austria.

Fiddleford Hadron "Old Man" McGucket- McGucket has regained almost all of his memory and has gone back to helping Ford with his research, but he still has his creepy and nonsensical tendencies, though he has "divorced" his raccoon-wife. Physically and verbally, he's really no different.

Sheriff Daryl Blubs and Deputy Edwin Durland- Blubs and Durland have gone from police partners to life partners. Because which other Gravity Falls characters would? (OK, Soos may do it unintentionally with Stan.) They even had Lazy Susan be a surrogate mother for a child to have with both of them as donors. They've also expanded the police force ro have many more members and have reworked it so that they can fight crimes that are supernatural in origin (and crimes against the supernatural). While not as dumb as they were in the original series, they still have a tendency to be more "silly" than the heads of the GFPD probably should be.

Gompers The Goat- Gompers has become a godlike entity, traveling through time and space and having goats appear in locations that don't make sense. He has since divorced Waddles.

William Whelehan "Bill" Cipher- While I don't know what Bill Cipher's fate will be at the end of the series, I assume it will be something like what I thought of for my original pre-DaMvTF concept of a series finale movie, getting "killed" by being turned into a piece of paper. What happens in my fanfiction series, however, is that he gets ressurected by Bill Cipher cultists who worship him and use "the power of faith" (and a few alchemy-based Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stones, which have been a concept in speculative fiction involving alchemy long before Harry Potter) to bring him back to demonic life. The Bill Cipher cultists, however, seem to all be young women and a few young men that are BillDip shippers and intend on using a prison enchanted with unicorn hair, eyelashes, teeth, sweat, and blood to keep their own "god" as their slave and force him to become one with "the Pine Tree of the American Northwest", Dipper. The BillDip cultists, in the first installment with the Bachelor parody, rig the game to have Bill win even when Dipper votes Bill off first, and this frustrates Bill just as much as it does Dipper to be completely powerless to them. Once that story ends, Bill seems to have a new plan- find the "prime reality" and bring a new armageddon to it, but not Weirdmageddon. Now that he's older, was killed once, and his weaknesses are known by nearly everyone around the world, Bill, while still having a dark sense of humor, is not as chipper about it anymore. Everything that was both funny and disturbing about Bill in the old series has become just plain disturbing, and he doesn't make the apocalypse more kid-friendly by having a bunch of cartoonish monsters attack the world, but rather through just a plain, violent, and dark assault on human decency. i don't know what will happen to Bill's "friends" during the Weirdmageddon trilogy, but they may return in my series if they're not killed. They may take on scarier forms depending on where Bill tries to unleash a new armageddon. There is only one of him across the entire multiverse, and the reality he finds he intends on settling there and forgetting about everything from Dimension 46'\. I may also try to look into his history and what makes him devoted to anarchy. He may have worked with interdimensional Freedom Fighters at one point, but his devotion to chaos stopped being Chaotic Good somewhere along the way. Alex Hirsch said something about trying to explain Bill in the Weirdmageddon trilogy during an interview, which may make me change my plans, but regardless, it may be interesting to give Bill a more thorough backstory. I may try to explain his history with the Time Police and his hatred of the Time Baby, along with stories of his past partnership with Ford and stories of other dream demons from the Nightmare Realm. One installment I may make is a comical, fourth-wall-breaking-and-attacking diversion I will call "Bill Ci The Demon Guy", which would be an obvious parody of Bill Nye The Science Guy, and would involve Bill teaching readers/viewers about the Nightmare Realm equivalent of "science" and doing "experiments" with/on various characters. That's our Bill!

Gideon Charles Gleeful- Gideon now has a shorter haircut and wears a light blue short-sleeve polo shirt, white khaki pants, and black dress shoes, in addition to having slimmed down in chubiness, though he's still among the shorter and fatter kids his age. Originally, I was going to make one installment have Gideon attempt to brainwash Mabel into liking him and Dipper trying to cure Mabel of her brainwashing, only to be guilted by Gideon comparing Dipper's crush on Wendy as a kid to Gideon's crush on Mabel and Gideon implicitly threatening to do something bad to Emma Sue if he doesn't stop trying to separate him and Mabel, until Dipper, Emma Sue, and Stan somehow cure the brainwashing and Mabel kicks Gideon to the curb soon afterwards. Of course, the recent decision to (spoilers!) have Gideon turn to the good side and lead his Mad Max-style armored car brigade and prison friends to attack Bill and his monsters in hopes that it will make him a hero in Mabel's eyes has made me reconsider this. Now I'll try to make Gideon a somewhat-sympathetic antihero, and look at how the attention issues he had with his parents when he was younger gave him a skewed moral compass somewhere along the way. Now, rather than being a psychic, he's a magician, performing at various spots around the county with his own Penn and Teller-style act. Obviously, Gideon would be Penn, but I am not sure whether I should find a preexisting character to be Teller or make one up. He may also do the other thing that Penn and Teller did, being what they did on their Showtime show Penn and Teller: BS, meaning debunk conspiracy theories, expose fake psychics (which is harder now that in the world of these stories of mine, half the psychics are actual psychics), and look at various infamous institutions with a critical eye. Mabel doesn't like him romantically, but she does find him to at least be an OK acquaintence now.

Pacifica Elise Northwest- To use the MLP:FiM analogy with Dipper's six potential girlfriends again, Pacifica fills Rarity's role (who else's would she fill?). She now dyes her hair golden blonde rather than bleach blonde in an effort to distance herself from her old image, and also tries to avoid wearing much makeup besides a little bit of blush. She now wears a sleeveless spagetti-strap hot pink dress with a black buckle in the middle, black leggings, and medium-brown leather boots. The experience of (spoilers for Weirdmageddon) nearly choking on his own eyes (seriously, how is this show not rated TV-PG at least?) made Preston Northwest decide to be a more charitable man, donate much of the Northwest's wealth to all of the charities that are popular to donate to, and throw weekly parties inviting the entire town, regardless of class. His idea of kindness is still pretty superficial, but he is still trying, and wants to be a better father to Pacifica. She still prefers her mother Priscilla, and views the family butler as a better father figure than her own father. In spite of her overall improved nature from when she was twelve, she still has some vain and pretentious tendencies, including eating habits that stop just short of being anorexic, and is constantly struggling against herself to be a better person than she was raised to be. Thanks to her upbringing, most of the social skills that come naturally for most of her current friends (Dipper, Mabel, Candy, Grenda, and all of their other friends) she has to think about a little more. She values Dipper and Mabel's opinions deeply, and considers them to be her best friends, along with her crush on Dipper. However, she almost values them too much and seems to rely on them more than she should to keep her on the good path rather than working to find it within herself. Pacifica is now at odds with many of her old friends, who now look down on her for being friends with Mabel, Candy, Grenda, Lindy, Emma Sue, Kari, Nichole, Dipper, Utkarsh, and Tate, and while Pacifica tries to be the bigger person and not lash out at her old friends for being mean to her new ones, this tests her patience more than anything. In spite of her friendship/crush on Dipper, she often flirts with the football team guys, which bothers Dipper a lot. She is co-captain of the cheerleader squad with Mabel, Candy, and Grenda, the latter three of which are actually football players as well because of pressure from Mabel to create a co-ed football team and cheer squad. She also enjoys singing acoustic pop and rock songs at the local cafe, and Dipper likes her singing voice. Pacifica wants to be an indie pop artist when she grows up. She also enjoys cosplaying at gaming conventions and still plays golf, mini or otherwise. So is Pacifica a good person? In the end, yes. Not perfect, but she's always trying. And in her case, all it took was the kindness of one good friend (or him saving her from an ax-crazy ghost) to make her want to be better than she was.

Robert Stacy "Robbie" Valentino- Robbie now has shorter hair, and wears a black leather jacket, a white T-shirt, dark blue slightly-less-skinny jeans, and black sneakers. Initially, he seems like a slightly-nicer version of how he was in the original show. He is now friendlier with Dipper, even teaching him how to fight bullies, is devoted to his girlfriend Tambry, and it may be implied that he has a child with her at a few points, and is still close friends with Wendy, having often told her things he won't tell anyone else. However, things seem to get darker for him later on. He owns a bunch of switchblades and concealed-carry weapons, often reads/watches/plays media related to violent revolutions against oppressive governments, and is really good at social studies. REALLY good. If someone is too good at social studies and often makes really "insightful" projects, it can be suspicious. Robbie is motivated by his cynicism and difficult childhood to want to overthrow the American government and most respected institutions. This will make him one of the main antagonists at a later point in the series, and whether or not he can be redeemed I'm not sure. I would probably like Robbie a lot more and not be motivated to make him a nihilistic villain if I didn't know someone a lot like him who was one of the worst people I ever knew. Sorry, Robbie fans.

Agents Powers and Trigger- Now Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury, respectively. Ford often has to report to them about supernatural matters, but they have little trust for each other because of their history and the former agents' ressurected memory. Powers will have character traits that are meant to reference Nick Offerman, such as mentioning doing woodworking, watching Chicago sports teams, and singing country in his spare time, and using an axe as a preferred alternate weapon. If only Trigger were voiced by a well-known celebrity that I could apply the traits of to him.

Tambry Tabitha Thompson- She is actually Thompson's younger sister by six months in my series. She is still best friends with Wendy, who is able to confide much in her. In spite of her snarky nature of responding to pretty much everything around her, she still cares much about Wendy, and is still in love with Robbie, though no longer because of the love potion, but rather because she has gained a genuine attraction to him. She joins Robbie in his desire to overthrow the government, but eventually stops after the rest of her family and friends are put in danger by him. She also becomes a social media celebrity the same way all the others do- doing something mundane and just happening to let herself get it caught on camera phone.

Lee and Nate- They attempt pug and Smile Dip trafficking a few times, but it only results in them getting into what is essentially a "Breaking Bad" parody involving Smile Dip.

Terrance Torman Thompson- Tambry's older brother. He has gained much more confidence since the original series, and is no longer friends with Wendy and her friends, having lashed out at them after suffering too much hazing-style abuse for their amusement (something I almost wish would happen in the show). He has since become a fratboy jerk of sorts, now constantly surrounded by floozies. This thing has a tendency to happen to guys who are made to be butt monkeys. Anger at the world can turn into a skewed moral compass. Does Thompson actually enjoy it or something? That must be the only way he still takes it in the show.

Lazy Susan- Surrogate mother to Blubs and Durland's son. Got her eye fixed, but has gone deaf in one ear due to hearing loss with old age.

Toby Determined- Toby lost his job as a journalist for the Gravity Falls Gossiper after getting charged with stalking of Shandra Jimenez, who filed a restraining order against him after he burned his name in gasoline on her lawn for Valentine's Day one year between the end of the original series and when this one is set. He is now a writer for multiple Comedy Central shows, and gets Dipper, Mabel, and their friends to be in a comedy sketch.

Blendin Blenjamin Blandin- Now Commissioner of the Time Police. Still has his awkward Justin Roiland voice, but it's slightly deeper, and he now has shaggier hair and a gotee. He has demon-proofed his brain to avoid being possessed by Bill or any demon like him ever again, and has become skilled in all forms of combat. Works with Future Dipper to protect time and space from time anomalies. Has crossed paths with Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith and had a brief fight, both argument and combat, with him over what constitutes a "time anomaly". In Dimension 46'\, for every three months that pass in it, four years pass in Dimension C-138, what I call the dimension that Rick and Morty live in after Dimension C-137 was "Cronenberged" and they had to abandon it in Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 6 "Rick Potion #9" (spoilers for an almost-two-years-old episode of a TV show). This is why Ford is older mentally than he is physically, as he traveled around the multiverse and went to various dimensions that are all in different periods of time and have time pass at different relative speeds in relation to other universes. Rick thinks that the Time Police of Dimension 46'\ are trying to hold the dimension in a time bubble in an attempt to damage the timeflow of other universes, and thinks that they are with the Galactic Federation that (more relevant spoilers) killed Bird Person and Squanchy (let's just say that Rick escaped prison somewhere along the line). Not sure what I should make the evil-good ratio between groups like the Time Police and Galactic Federation and groups like the Freedom Fighters, because the struggle between how much order and chaos truly is right for humanity is still one of the struggles that plagues us all, but I can find a way to make it work realistically. Maybe have both sides have equally good points but not be entirely perfect or whatever. No matter what, it will involve Blendin fighting a Mr. Meeseeks assigned with the task of killing him.

Time Baby- Still recovering from (spoilers again!) Bill's death blast from "Weirdmageddon Part 1", though his presence is still felt among those in the Time Council. His rage at Bill for being killed at such a "young" age has allowed for the creation of the Time Toddler, Time Kid, Time Tween, Time Teen, Time College Student, Time Twenty-Something, Time Prime Adult, Time Parent, Time Middle-Ager, and Time Geriatric, all superbeings with the same abilities as the Time Baby and a similar deep voice, but their mannerisms are all designed to mock the stereotypes associated with each of those age groups as Time Baby did with babies. They don't like having the baby of their family killed.

Manly Dan Corduroy- Still Wendy's crazy lumberjack dad. Now that Wendy's younger cousin Lindy is living with him as well, he gets pretty crazy when the possibility of Dipper and Lindy dating is put on the table. Is considering running for new mayor of Gravity Falls.

Tyler Cutebiker- Has become a full-time politician, and is starting with running for governer of Oregon. Hopes to eventually work his way up to becoming a presidential candidate. He has even tried to start his own political party centered around enthusiasm and positivity called the "Get It!" party. It's not going so well. If an installment is centered around Tyler, it will probably be a parody of both Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and House Of Cards, because of how Tyler is an idealistic man trying to remain himself in the cynical world of politics and there will also be a conspiracy element. Frank Underwood will probably be impressed.

Emma Sue Upsing Downwell- Within the Dipper's Girls-Mane Six comparison dynamic, she represents Twilight Sparkle. She's smart, outgoing, friendly, optimistic, good-humored, down-to-earth, perky, playful, and fun-loving, but is occasionally frustrated by the antics of certain people in the town, her family being embarassing, and her friends fighting over Dipper. She has brown eyes, light brown hair in large pigtails in magenta scrunchies, slightly pale skin, a mild Canadian accent, a dimply smile, and usually wears a white tank top with a pink midriff T-shirt over-top of it, orange knee-length shorts, and brown cowgirl boots, and is about an inch shorter than Dipper. She is a fan of IDW-published comics and the original media they're based off of, especially the Star Trek ones. The way that she and Dipper reconnected is that one day in between the end of the summer of the original series and the events of my fanfiction series, she happened to be in the lunch line behind him, having moved to Gravity Falls as well as Dipper and Mabel. They recognized each other, and while Dipper tried to avoid talking to her because of what happened in "Roadside Attraction", in which he accidentally lead her on with two other girls (who have also moved to Gravity Falls and have become her best friends), and because he's afraid of creating another awkward encounter, but she and her friends got over their initial anger at Dipper because they realized that they couldn't have anticipated that they would all meet up at the same place nor expect to see them again until then, and he wasn't trying to lead them on, he just wanted to learn how to talk to girls (a reflection of my feelings on that episode). They decide to have a fresh start, and Dipper becomes friends with her and her other two friends. While he has good moments with all six girls, Dipper has the most with her, because of compatible personalities, similar interests, and how she doesn't fight with her friends over Dipper. She's my personal choice for Dipper's girlfriend in these stories, but I still want to hear others' opinions. I hope to find some way to give her her own story without Dipper to show that she can be her own character, and not just a "nice girl that's the designated girlfriend to the adorkable protagonist". Something tells me that the "Sue" in her name was a way of indirectly saying that she is meant to be a Mary Sue, and if that above character type is all she is, than she is a Mary Sue. Her relationship with Dipper, along with most romantic relationships, will be kept playful and cute, with interactions mostly consisting of play-fighting, funny faces, and eskimo-kisses. In regards to that, while some squicky situations may be implied, such as much of what happens in the installment in which Dipper is forced to date everyone in town, and there may be some suggestive jokes that are more frank than would be allowed in the actual show, nothing will be overtly sexual, partially because of how most of the characters are either fifteen or in their seventies, and also because that's not what I think about when I think about Gravity Falls. It's largely what that installment about shippers coming to town and forcing Dipper to date everyone and getting in a shipping war is about. Who else thinks that if it weren't for Dipper following Stan's advice, the writing of the show, and the fact that she was only meant as a one-time character, Emma Sue would be a perfect close female friend his age? I'm OK with Dipper not having any actual romantic relationships on the real Gravity Falls because he's only a middle-schooler, and dating too young can be pretty bad for you down the road. I've seen it mess up kids at my 7-12 junior-senior high school hard. I'd gladly settle for the two of them just confiding things in each other, holding hands, cuddling, hugging, and kissing on the cheek and head (that's basically what happens in my series, but with lip-kisses added. Fifteen is still pretty young, everyone.), or maybe not even doing that and just having a relationship that's a combination of Dipper's relationships with Mabel and Wendy. As the show has proven, platonic love is just as important as, sometimes more, than romantic love, so while Dipper and Emma Sue love each other, Dipper's "true love" is Mabel, like Elsa and Anna in Frozen, and Emma Sue's "true love" is her dog. Not too bad for a relationship initially formed at an upside-down tourist stop, right?

Nichole Loggins Michaelson- Formerly known as Log Land Girl, she is the Pinkie Pie of the friend group. She is ecstatic, musical, and may occasionally break the fourth wall (but not to the extent of characters like Bill). Like her best friend Emma Sue, she is a huge fan of Star Trek, though she's more interested in the film series than anything else. While she no longer has that giant log on her head, she still has everything else from her initial appearance, albeit now at the height of a high-schooler. She has curly black hair, is African-American, and wears a light green T-shirt, dark green skirt, and black mary-janes. In spite of her minor conflicts with Emma Sue, she is still best friends with her, and tries not to let their mutual crush on Dipper get in the way of her friendship with her and her other friends, though not as hard as Emma Sue does. And, at least half of the time, they believe in sisters before misters.

Kari Corner Walton- Formerly known as Corn Maze Girl, she is the Applejack of the group. She's usually very honest, sometimes brutally so, and is sassy and occasionally passive-aggressive, but still kind at heart, and is even something of a gamer girl and J. R. R. Tolken fan. She has brown hair in a braid, teal sunglasses perched on her head, brown eyes, speaks with a Southern twang, including a tendency to use Southern slang, and wears a light pink T-shirt, dark pink skirt, and hot pink sneakers. She is best friends with Emma Sue and Nichole, and while a little more aggressive than the two of them, she cares about them deeply, and, deep down, doesn't like to fight with them. Even to the most honest people, honesty doesn't always come easily for everything.

Lindy Carter Corduroy- Her name is based off of both Linda Cardellini, the actor that voices Wendy, and apparently Lynda Carter, the definitive Wonder Woman. I basically thought of her as a way of making someone like Wendy, but without the age difference, work as a potential love interest for Dipper in a canon-compliant fanfiction series, hence a younger cousin of Wendy's from Portland (I would choose younger sister if she had one) though as detailed by most of this blog post, I'm probably just going to make her a good friend. The level of closeness that Dipper feels with his six female friends from least to most is Candy, then Nichole, then Kari, then Pacifica, then Lindy, then Emma Sue. This is not to say he doesn't care about the ones that are lower down on the list, this is just to say who he likes on the friend-to-crush scale. Lindy is the Rainbow Dash of the Dipper's Girls friend group (they will not actually call themselves "Dipper's Girls" in the story, I just call them that for my benefit so that I have a group name to refer to them as). Like Wendy, she is the most tomboyish of the girls, skilled in wilderness survival, mixed martial arts, and many other useful skills. Why? Because she's a flippin' Corduroy, that's why. In spite of her tough streak and devil-may-care attitude about many things, she cares deeply about her friends and family. She's also a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Naruto, and tea. She has red hair in a ponytail, green eyes, Warby Parker glasses, skin that is much less pale than Wendy's, and wears a green tank top, blue jean shorts, black leggings, and chesnut Ugg boots. She cares about Wendy as an older cousin deeply, though is frustrated by how much she and her friends eat Smile Dip together, and fears that she'll eventually make a mistake she won't be able to fix because of it (which she eventually does by kissing Dipper when he's in a relationship while they're both hallucinating on Smile Dip). I imagine her being voiced by Brie Larson. As a legitimate original character of mine that seems plausible within canon, I will allow anyone who wants to to use Lindy in their stories as they wish, as long as you tell me first.

Utkarsh Ulema Ulman- He is meant to be to Dipper what Candy is to Mabel- the quirky friend with a thick accent. He's Asiatic-Indian-American, though his accent is slightly less thick of an Indian accent than is Candy's Korean accent. I would want Kumail Nanjiani to voice him, so I may change his nationality to Pakistani-American instead. Utkarsh has a crush on Mabel, similar to Candy's crush on Dipper, and they do date for a few installments in the middle of my series, until eventually moving on and dating Tate. He has plenty of geeky interests, such as Dungeons, Dungeons, And More Dungeons, sci-fi as long as it doesn't cross into science fantasy, Canadian football, independent house music, comics published by Icon Comics, video games played by the Game Grumps, aviation, 90s Nick cartoons, European cuisine, the newest technology, and animated horror films. He's quirky like that.

Tate Toomer Tunnelson- He is meant to be to Dipper what Grenda is to Mabel. Just as Grenda is a very masculine girl, Tate is a very feminine boy. I imagine him being voiced by someone like Amy Schumer, who is still very clearly female but has a husky enough voice that she could play both, at least in animation. Tate tries to be a wingman to Dipper, Utkarsh, and any other guy he thinks could use help, but, as a parody of Hitch, is pretty bad at wooing girls himself. He eventually decides to give up on girls and date Utkarsh. He likes Dungeons, Dungeons, And More Dungeons, H. P. Lovecraft works, rugby, indie rap, light novels, Valve games, boats, the Adult Swim lineup as it was in April 2009 (he just finds that to be a lucky time), and avant-garde comedy films. This is why he and Utkarsh go so well together like Candy and Grenda- greatly bizarre minds think alike.

Alternate versions of Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and Ford- In one of the later installments in my fanfiction series, it it revealed that due to a really bizarre bloodline mix-up early on in the family trees of the Pines, Sanchez, and Smith families in the timeline of Dimension 46'\, Stan and Ford are the Ricks of that dimension, and Dipper and Mabel are the Morties of that dimension. Because of that, alternate versions of them appear at the Interdimensional Council of Ricks. Stan and Ford, like the Rick of Dimension C-137 (Dimension C-138 after "Rick Potion #9"), refuse to partake in the Council's activities, and have fought alongside the Freedom Fighters to stop potentially-oppressive governments. Ford is motivated by altruism, but Stan is motivated by the simple fact that he doesn't like cops. There are also Evil Stan, Evil Ford, Evil Dipper, and Evil Mabel, all cold and dark mirror images of the main characters, and will be the main antagonists of my series. Evil Dipper and Evil Mabel are the leaders, with Evil Stan and Evil Ford as their minions. Basically, like Evil Morty with Ricks, they have a mysterious reason for hating Stans, Fords, Dippers, and Mabels across the entire multiverse, and the good guys of the prime universe will have to stop them from destroying the entire multiverse. Stan is both the Stannest Rick and the Rickest Stan, Ford is the Fordest Rick and Mortiest Ford, Dipper is the Rickest Dipper and the Dipperest Morty, and Mabel is the Mabelest Morty and Mortiest Mabel.

Well, that's all of the important information on the most complete fanfiction series idea I've ever had, Gravity Falls: Journal 4. It's called that because Dipper is writing Journals 4, 5, and 6 during this series, and using them as actual journals in addition to documenting supernatural activity. The series will be written in first-person perspective through entries written in various characters' journals and diaries, though it will break this formula if the story I'm trying to tell would be better serviced in a different way. The series will usually be moderate-to-high-K+ or low-to-moderate-T in rating, though it won't be measured on that scale because of my preference for Archive Of Our Own over, as it has less restrictions on writing style (which has led to some of the more screwed-up fanfictions in existence, but at least some of the remaining 10% is on that website). This blog post took five days to write because of how extensive it is in its story, a story that only exists in my brain and is only partially complete. Hopefully, if I ever find time to write it, which I might after finishing my quest to write a blog post on every wiki that is about something that I like and can balance my newfound time after that with the social life I'm supposed to have, it could be recognized and be seen as one of the better Gravity Falls fanfictions out there. Leave suggestions in the comments, if you have time to read this big long post, and tell me what you think about my ideas for Gravity Falls: Journal 4. I hope to become a good member of this small but tightly knit wiki community when my wiki-blog-writing-quest is done and if I end up choosing this wiki as one of the ones I'll spend my wiki time on. 4-9-16-16-5-18 1-14-4 5-13-13-1 19-21-5 6-15-18 12-9-6-5! (decode with the A1Z26 cipher)

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