Mango Dolphin

aka Fillydelphian Pinkie Pie

  • I live in Berry Sweet Fruit Orchards, North-Western Fillydelphia
  • My occupation is I work hard in my farm, and I take shifts in our family resturant. Other than that, I am a budding artist/musician.
  • I am a mare that is also a pegasus who is afraid of heights.
  • Mango Dolphin

    Hi everyone, as you know, I am Mango Dolphin, a normal Wikia patron. I also suck at creating pages on Wikia, so I decided to make the roleplay on a blog instead. I don't get this Wikia, so it is on the blog right now.

    It's a normal day, but then some gypsy shop opens up near the lake, just near the waterfall of the lake Gravity Falls. The residents that entered never seen the owners face, only her eyes, and legend tells she owns a dragon. When Dipper decides to find out this mystery during another fishing trip, will he succeed or will he be cursed with Mabel?(Of course, the Roleplayers will find this out)

    Canon Characters: They cannot know OC's, same with the OC rules. Must match their personality as much as you can. If you don't know an oun…

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