Hi everyone, as you know, I am Mango Dolphin, a normal Wikia patron. I also suck at creating pages on Wikia, so I decided to make the roleplay on a blog instead. I don't get this Wikia, so it is on the blog right now.

The Roleplay

Gypsy Jumble

It's a normal day, but then some gypsy shop opens up near the lake, just near the waterfall of the lake Gravity Falls. The residents that entered never seen the owners face, only her eyes, and legend tells she owns a dragon. When Dipper decides to find out this mystery during another fishing trip, will he succeed or will he be cursed with Mabel?(Of course, the Roleplayers will find this out)


Canon Characters: They cannot know OC's, same with the OC rules. Must match their personality as much as you can. If you don't know an ounce of knowledge about them, you can't play them.

OC's: Cannot know Canon characters, such as Dipper or Mabel. The only canon character they can know is Grunkle Stan, but can't be their relative or Stanfords new secret admirier. Only with customer or dislike/hate relationship against him. NO GODMODDING OR POWERPLAYING. Godmodding means being a Mary Sue or Gary Stu(Having no or rarely any flaws), or being really powerful. Powerplaying is also being really powerful, but having the ability to control others(This is different from being psychic, where you can pick up things telekineticely and MOVE people around, not control their thoughts or make them say things they don't want to say.


Mabel - Jisu Lee(Still obtainable*)

Dipper - DJBluecandy

Wendy - DJBluecandy

Soos - Jisu Lee(Temporary)

Grunkle Stan - Jisu Lee

Gobblewonker - Mango Dolphin

"Gypsy" - Mango Dolphin

"Dragon" - Mango Dolphin

Old Man McGucket

Shiny Axew - Mango Dolphin

Lil' Gideon - Jisu Lee(Temporary)

  • This is going to mean Temporary and also the other way around.

OC Roles

Brook - Thegirlyfox

Dameon the Fox - Thegirlyfox

Steven Lee - Jisu Lee

Avery Lumac - Mango Dolphin

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