Willow Blake
Background information
First seen
Voice Bryn McAuley
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Willow Althea Blake
Other names
Birthday 21st May 2002
Home Gravity Falls, Oregon
Relatives Fern Blake (mother)

James Blake (father) Laurel Blake (older sister)

Allies Mabel


Powers and abilities Healing (speculated)
Willow Blake is a 12 year old girl who lives in Gravity Falls. She is a main character in "Secrets of Gravity Falls".

Appearance Edit

Main Edit

Willow has tanned skin with greyish green-blue eyes and slightly pointed ears, her hair is wavy and dark brown. She wears a pale cornflower blue t-shirt, denim shorts, a pale pink sweater tied around her waist and pale yellow sneakers. It's said she looks a little like Mabel. She wears contacts and only wears her glasses at home.

Alternate Outfit Edit

She wears her sweater with pale pastel purple leggings and she stills wears her pale yellow sneakers, around her neck is a green coloured leaf necklace. Willow's hair is tied in a ponytail

Willow alternate

Her alternate outfit

Older Edit

Willow is taller and her hair is now leaf green and it reaches her knees. Her outfit consists of a pale orange off-shoulder shirt, pale yellow leggings and pale red/pink ankle boots. She wears her glasses everywhere and dons a pair of gold studs.

Personality Edit

Willow is, at first, cold and snappy, much like Pacifica before her character development, but she is actually quite giving and funny. She doesn't talk much until confronted, where she is sarcastic and a little mean and she's like this way until you become sort of a friend.

History Edit

Before Dipper and Mabel Edit

Willow has lived in Gravity Falls all her life with her parents and sister and was a normal visitor of the Mystery Shack. She was a friend of Pacifica's but no one knows why they don't talk anymore.

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